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    While you weren’t looking, Obama passed immigration amnesty

    While you weren’t looking, Obama passed immigration amnesty

    He didn’t pass it through Congress, even though he had overwhelming majorities for almost two years, because there were not enough votes.  He also didn’t do it by regulation, because that would take time and be subject to public comment and other messy procedures.

    Instead, Obama simply has issued an internal policy not to deport illegal aliens other than those who have committed some other serious crime.

    Janet Napolitano tried to justify the change based on the need to focus on violent criminals and couched the change in the language of prosecutorial discretion.  Those excuses were flat out pretexts; each of the justifications has existed for years.  This is simply part of Obama’s 2012 campaign, as he hopes to gain votes in states with large Hispanic populations.

    This was no mere internal operating procedure or prosecutorial discretion.  This was a political decision which came only when the political process had failed to produce the results Obama wanted.  Even if you support the substance of the decision, it should worry you that we have a President with such a low regard for the political process.

    I have often warned that what Obama could not achieve through legislation, he would achieve through regulation.  Now the corollary:  What Obama cannot achieve through legislation or regulation, he simply will do anyway.

    Update:  Here is Obama’s speech in July in which he said he could not do what he just did (h/t Gateway Pundit)(click here to start at key point.)


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    retire05 | August 20, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    It is said the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. This is the case with the latest action by Obama to pander to the Hispanic vote.

    Who is will action most adversely affect? The Hispanic communities. Why? Because illegals hide out in plain sight in communities that are primarily Hispanic. Hispanics tend to live in the same neighborhoods they grew up in staying near their families. Even Henry Cisneros, former mayor of San Antonio, and Clinton’s HUD secretary, never moved out of the barrio he grew up in.

    Now Hispanics are having to put bars on their windows and dooor, and purchase expensive alarm systems, because the illegals who come here for no other reason that to involve themselves in crime, can melt into a Spanish speaking neighborhood and nothing will be thought about it. But when crime happens, it is also the Hispanic neighborhoods that are seeing an uptick in crime. Crime those native Hispanics don’t want. Just as when the Irish gangs overun New York, they operated in Irish enclaves and it was the law abiding Irish who suffered the most.

    These are people that Obama and Napalitano are not going to go after, but no one is asking the money question: if these illegals have been ordered deported, and DHS is NOT going after illegals who are simply in the work force, what was the reason for the deportation order in the first place? Illegals, who have not broken the law outside of entering the U.S. illegally, don’t wind up in a federal immigration court.

    One problem is that the litmus test has been applied by using the “convicted felon” application. If they are “convicted” felons, and have served their time by which local jails have to release them, why were they not picked up by ICE the minute they walked out of jail and transferred to a deportation center? Not to mention that most illegals who commit henious crimes, do not have a previous record to rely on.

    Perhaps Texas is a bit unusal as we have always had a large Tejano community. We grew up with them, we went to school with them, we married them. Most Hispanic couples with grown childre have at least one son/daugher in law who is a gringo. That ethnic line has been blurred over the last 50 years. And just as the Hispanics tend to live in a community that is primarily Hispanic (food, music, ethnic celebrations), as the Irish did in 19th century New York, this ill thought out, pandering for votes, decision on the part of Obama will will have the greatest adverse affect the very people he is trying to pander to.

      Aridog in reply to retire05. | August 21, 2011 at 2:14 pm

      I truly hope you don’t mind me “stealing” your comment here (with attribution) … cuz I just have to … written far better than my blustering. Acquaintances I have in ICE will appreciate it, especially the points you have illuminated. Sometimes the obvious is hard to recognize for some folks, but you’ve done a great job of laying it out in KISS principle fashion. Thanks.

    workingclass artist | August 20, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Yeah…it’s already causing an increase of tensions in California between established Latinos many of whom were either sponsored in legally and gained citizenship,some older groups who benefited from Reagan’s amnesty and recent arrivals particularly from the Oaxaca region of Mexico.

    Tejanos in Texas cast a jaundiced eye on this tactic. Many own businesses and vote republican. They want reform and secure borders not this crap…it’s a destabilizing factor, they’re a lot closer to cubans that way as a voting group, but liberals as usual don’t get it. I think it will backfire on them.

    It is appalling that President Obama behaves as though this is a “Hispanic” issue instead of a law enforcement issue. Illegal aliens from many lands and of all colors come here daily. And Americans of Hispanic descent are not a cohesive voting block but reflect all the variety of American political, religious and social values.

    For the President to claim he is working on a “jobs plan” and then announce he’s going to issue work permits to 11 million illegal aliens is simply shocking.

    I’ve quoted you, Professor, and linked to this post on my blog: President Obama Overrules Law, Tells Illegals “Come Get Your Green Card”

    workingclass artist | August 20, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    Tejanos are as much a part of Texas as Anglos since the days of our revolution….So are Black cowboys after Juneteenth. We’re not perfect but in Texas our history binds us together more than it separates us…We focus on the business of living more than anything else…as the baptists would say Freedom to work & freedom to pray.

    workingclass artist | August 20, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Obama’s action is a cynical tactic and people like him don’t see people…they just see race and issue and how to exploit it to gain advantage.

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