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    Victory and not victory

    Victory and not victory

    I was most interested in the discussion (starting around 3:15) about whether the debt deal was a victory:


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    rightwingyahoo | August 2, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    Well, I don’t favor Palin, I think she’s a lot more establishment that many realize, and I don’t agree with her that this is any sort of win for the Teas, or for fiscal sanity.

    Further, Palin came out for legal status for illegal immigrants on BOR’s show in July 2010, and gets a solid D from NumbersUSA on immigration.

    O’REILLY: But what do you do with these folks?

    PALIN: Which means…

    O’REILLY: Do you make them register with the federal government? Do you tell them they have 60 days to get out of here before we put you in jail? What do you do with them?

    PALIN: Do we make them register with the federal government? Yes, we do.

    O’REILLY: Yes, so we know who they are.

    PALIN: We have — exactly, yes. I want to answer to that question absolutely.


    O’REILLY: Now, you have these people that register. You’re going to have millions of them. Then they register and they say, OK, we obeyed what President Palin told us to do. Then what? Do you give them green cards to work right away? What do you do with them?

    PALIN: You know, there has to be that expectation that they will work and that they will contribute. Bill, it makes me uncomfortable that we’re even going down that path so far…


    O’REILLY: …because you are rewarding bad behavior. You’re letting them stay in the United States. And they came in illegally.

    PALIN: Then let’s keep it — then we won’t complicate it anymore. Let’s keep it simple. And let’s say no, if you are here illegally, and if you don’t follow the steps that at some point through immigration reform we’re going to be able to provide, and that is to somehow allow to you work. If you’re not going to do that, then you will be deported. You will be gone.

    Palin would give millions of illegals a foothold on citizenship (one lawsuit would be all it would take to grant a path to cit for all the new “legal illegals”) and thereby turn TX and FL blue, locking the Rs out of the WH for good.

    Palin is too naive, and nowhere close to cagey enough to save the US.

    She’s a good person who means well but simply cannot deal with the various threats we face, coming as they are from all directions now.

    Look at T-Paw, or Bachmann, as better alternatives IMO.

    Once the Democrat base outnumbers us, elections are pointless anyway. Palin seems oblivious to this concept, and I fear most Republicans are as well.

    huskers-for-palin | August 2, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    Well, I don’t favor Palin, I think she’s a lot more establishment that many realize…


    AHEM…W.T.F you be talking about???? She’s so “establishment” that the REAL establishment wants her dead, done and buried. So “establishment” that the MSN wants her on a volcanic spit.

    Quite to the contrary. She’s the WalMart candidate. Even in Alaska, she wasn’t in the elite cliques or social circles.

    You really need to see the “The Undefeated” before you make that comment.

    huskers-for-palin | August 2, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    While contemplating a possible run for president by touring the country, Sarah Palin spent some time in New York and New Jersey signing autographs last week and expressed her thoughts on immigration. While on Ellis Island, which is best known as the port of entry through which twelve million immigrants entered the U.S. from 1892 to 1924, Mrs. Palin had the following to remark, “It’s one of the symbols, of course, of our liberty, and it’s a reminder too that immigrants built this country.” Yet this seemingly lukewarm comment is in stark contrast to some of her political opinions, thus raising the question of whether it was just given for crowd-pleasing and political posturing purposes. The possible 2012 presidential contender has said she supports the Arizona law that would allow police to ask people to show proof that they are in the country legally. She has also said that she does not support any type of amnesty or even the DREAM Act legislation that is meant to help young undocumented individuals. When asked specifically of it, she said, “the DREAM Act, well see, the immigrants of the past, they had to literally and figuratively stand in line to become U.S. citizens. I’d like to see that continue, and unfortunately the DREAM Act kind of usurps that, the system.” With such a politically incorrect comment like this, even though she claims to have not decided yet, it is our hope that such a shortsighted person will hold herself from running for president. Regardless, we would not expect her to be a strong contender, especially since she would probably be the least favored candidate among the immigrant constituency and its sympathizers.

    rightwingyahoo | August 2, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    I heard that statement, which got her upgraded from a D- to a D by NumbersUSA….

    It’s a pretty good statement, but we’ll see if she backs off her immigration reform position in time.

    Note she didn’t say anything like “Wait in line in your home countries as required by law”

    So she could easily mean “Wait in line while we cook you up some Z visa amnesty” which would be consistent with her earlier, pro-watered down amnesty position. “Wait in line while we pass immigration reform and hand you 20 million illegals green cards.”

    Bottom line is she’s not asking any illegals to comply woth the law. She’s offering them legal status and immigration reform…. And she’s saying she’s against amnesty, while promising immigration reform and legal status for tens of millions of illegals.

    That will be converted to full amnesty in short order.

    The conclusion is that she’s a lot more like McCain than her supporters will confess.

    She’s going to give the Dems an electoral college lock

    rightwingyahoo | August 3, 2011 at 12:04 am

    I’m not saying she means to do it, but that’s what will happen if she gets her way on immigration as she has stated her position.

    Palin comes off as very sincere, and I like that, but I will not support her as the R nominee with her current -pro-legalization position, and I am also very disappointed that she would refer to this debt deal as anything remotely victorious.

    We need 3 things to save the country.

    1. Immigration enforcement, which can be done slowly over time, as long as amnesty or legal status is not granted. Removes the threat of a left wing majority, restores the rule of law and to its proper position, honors immigrants who obey the laws, and tightens the job market, all desperately needed.
    2. Serious commitment to restrain federal spending. We are running out of time very quickly on this.
    3. Serious commitment to rolling back the strangulating regulatory regime that stares business in the face.

    repeal Ogabecare, and renounce all new tax, and most energy development restrictions.

    If this is not done soon, we have little chance to avoid Greece’s fate.

    We can argue about other things, but these things should be non-negotiable for any R candidate, and 2 out of 3 are sadly, not good enough to save us. IMO.

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