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    The new anti-Semitism

    The new anti-Semitism

    As explained in The Secret Passion of the New Antisemitism (h/t @yaacovlozowick):

    What distinguishes antisemitic propaganda from legitimate criticism, then, is the stubborn insistence on holding Israel to standards from which other countries are exempt, and the demand that Jews be denied a right to which other peoples are entitled, even obligated, to exercise themselves. Nevertheless, one cannot dismiss the new antisemitism as a modern version of the same old hatred; in some sense, after all, postmodern universalism deeply identifies with what the “Jew” was supposed to stand for. And it is precisely this identification that leads, we will see, to the widespread denunciation of the Jews so common today….

    The mantle of righteousness assumed by this unique species of Judeophobia makes it extremely appealing to people of conscience. Good-hearted activists and intellectuals—Israelis among them—are lured into joining the growing public campaign against the Zionist state, all in the belief that they are fulfilling their moral obligation to humanity, and perhaps even to the Jewish people as well. True, their denunciations of Israel are often over-zealous, motivated by a fierce desire to prove themselves worthy in the eyes of their partners in the struggle. But most of them are not really self-hating Jews, as their critics assert. They are instead just terribly misguided, unwitting parties to an insidious campaign.


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    David R. Graham | August 19, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    “… in some sense, after all, postmodern universalism deeply identifies with what the “Jew” was supposed to stand for.” Frankfurt School, Derrida, Popper, Soros, progeny.

    The State of Israel is just an easy target for postmoderns, regardless of their religious descent. Low hanging fruit, also lusted for by Mohammedan imperialism. It’s opportunism, and as I see it, it has no legs. Every ME nation depends on the State of Israel and every one knows that. They are not going to take it under, they are not going to let it go under. Period.

    Israel’s ME neighbors don’t know what they want, they’re not a little schizophrenic. And they all know the “Palestinians” are incapable of self-governance and peaceful living. Arab regimes have destroyed far, far more “Palestinians” than Israel has. No Arab state in the ME wants “Palestinians” in their hair or their tents.

    The real goal of postmoderns is no nation states at all, just the oligarchy and the servants, whose number regardless of any kind of descent requires radical, ruthless downsizing. To an oligarch, everyone else is a servant, including fellow oligarchs. This creates … difficulties.

    It’s not anti-Semitism that’s rising. It’s anti-humanity and specifically anti-anything that can stand against the oligarchy. However, I like that word Judeophobia for anti-Semitism, which is direct hatred of Jews qua Jews. Anti-Semitism is an ambiguous and therefore weak word for that phenomenon because Arabs are Semites.

    As the writer notes, some Jews through recent centuries at least have invited Judeophobia because they did seek oligarchic power for themselves. Such have hardly been the only ones to do that. Nor have even the majority of Jews, who like all other human beings want to make their lives in peace and happiness with neighbors. But as a group having small numbers, high prominence and strong self-advocacy, such Jews as contemplate oligarchic power are an easy target and an easy door to untrue generalization regarding “Jews.”

    In any case, neither Jewish nor any other deconstructionists will reconsider their philosophical driver, so there’s little point in wringing hands about any of what’s happening. If it is of God, it cannot be stopped. If it is not, it will wither under the blasts of reality. My estimate is that deconstruction is not of God. Fulfillment is, but not deconstruction. Fulfillment does dissolve structures but deconstruction aims to smash them. It’s the difference between natural death and murder. Deconstruction is obsession with power, having it exclusively and wielding it absolutely. Mohammedans fit in nicely with that attitude.

    No nation states, yet. No structure outside the oligarchy, sure. No activity unless pre-approved and policed, uhuh. Postmodernism is the enemy, not Jews, Judaism or the State of Israel.

    On the topic of why some Jews seem to hate Israel, haven’t they been there several times before? I’m struck by the coincidence of the behavior of the children of Israel today versus that noted in Isaiah 30:10 and 11,

    “They tell the prophets to keep quiet. They say, “Don’t talk to us about what’s right. Tell us what we want to hear. Let us keep our illusions. Get out of our way and stop blocking our path. We don’t want to hear about your holy God of Israel.”


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