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    Texas is the sponge soaking up Obama’s unemployment mess

    Texas is the sponge soaking up Obama’s unemployment mess

    There is a very interesting blog post at Political Math (via Instapundit) explaining why the attacks on Rick Perry based on Texas’ job growth will fail.

    The attack on Perry, which the Axelrod/Plouffe message machine is pushing, is that Texas still has unemployment near the national average, any job growth is the result of lucky circumstances and the energy sector, and the jobs are low wage.  The author, who says he is not a Rick Perry fan, debunks those arguments with data.

    Short version, Texas is absorbing huge numbers of workers from other states which keeps both the unemployment rate (lower than the national average, but still above 8.0%) and median wage (28th out of 50) in the middle of the pack.  Using a variety of measurements, the author concludes that Texas job growth under Perry has been impressive, even when the energy sector is excluded.

    One can argue that Perry had very little to do with the job situation in Texas, but such a person should be probably prepare themselves for the consequences of that line of reasoning. If Rick Perry had nothing to do with creating jobs in Texas, than why does Obama have something to do with creating jobs anywhere? And why would someone advocate any sort of “job creating” policies if policies don’t seem to matter in when it comes to the decade long governor of Texas? In short, it seems to me that this line of reasoning, in addition to sounding desperate and partisan, hogties its adherents into a position where they are simultaneously saying that government doesn’t create jobs while arguing for a set of policies where government will create jobs.

    Or, to an uncharitable eye, it seem they are saying “Policies create jobs when they are policies I like. They don’t create jobs when they are policies I dislike.”

    The one metric I didn’t see in the post is what the U.S. unemployment rate would look like if Texas did not grow jobs and absorb workers from other states.  That would be interesting.

    The case for Rick Perry in the current environment seems to be growing.  Just like the jobs in Texas.


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    workingclass artist | August 17, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    Perry’s answer as I understand it to most social issues is pretty simple. It would be up to the states either way…not some judge. It’s for the people to decide.

    The whole Gardisl thing has been way overblown. I’m a native Texan and parents had an opt out. TTC has been spun as well. Texas needs the rural roads and Perry tried to do it without the federal strings and state taxes, the tolls would have paid back the companies for building them. Ranchers pitched a fit and it was repealed.
    Most important thing is that when Texans made their case Perry listened and responded. As we see it Perry has made few mistakes in a long record.
    That is what matters most to us down here…

    He’s been an effective Governor,Lt. Governor, Agriculture Commissioner,and Legislator (Budget Pitbull)
    Down here a politician like Perry wins cause he does his job for Texas the way Texans like it and we are not a pretty or easy citizenry to please but Business gets done and that is #1 in Texas. Basic Reagan Conservatism is how we roll.

    Perry has always been conservative in a common sense way which is why Phil Graham recruited him for the GOP. Down here Democrats call him Paul Ryan on steroids. If he could move the Federal Government out of the way to boost the American economy as we do here in Texas what’s bad about that? Native Texans understand that as it makes sense to us always has…must be why we’re currently being flooded with people. Fine with us but I hope these new folks don’t ridicule us for having common sense and putting it to work. We like who we are and Gov. Perry is a 5th generation Texan and has done his bit on the team very well. Down here we aren’t ruled by anyone but we appreciate effective leadership and that must be why he’s the longest serving governor of an ornery but wonderful state.

    Great blog here…first time to comment.

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