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    So tell me, again, about Paul Ryan

    So tell me, again, about Paul Ryan

    New reports have surfaced (h/t CharlieSykes) that Paul Ryan is reconsidering his prior decision not to run for President:

    As Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan comes to a final decision about running for president, several top national conservatives are encouraging him to join the race. Ryan, who has been seriously but quietly considering a presidential bid for several months, is expected to decide on a run in the next two weeks

    Perhaps you could tell me again about Ryan, now with the benefit of knowing who (most of) the Republican candidates are.


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    Just going from the picture on this post it sure looks to me like Ryan looks a lot like Aaron Rodgers. In Wisconsin that’s got to be quite a plus.

    retire05 | August 17, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    It is being reported that there are some forces behind a “draft Ryan” movement. Those forces include Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida. This is NOT good. And a very stupid move.

    If true, Jeb Bush is counting on the fact that his brother’s approval rating has gone up slightly since G.W. left the White House. But it is also going to show a couple of other things: one, that the establishment Republicans of northeastern money, are against the Man from Paint Creek, a person who reached the heights of success without coming from a wealth family. It is also going to show that Perry is his own man, and not in the Bush camp.

    With all the bashing of the wealthy that the Democrats do, pointing out that the wealthy of the GOP are backing Ryan, and not the guy from Paint Creek, is not going to set well in the heartland.

    […] push for Paul Ryan to get into the Presidential race is growing stronger.  I wish it were not so as it makes the job […]

    My concern with Ryan is that I’m not sure if he has the bare-knuckle street smarts yet for a grueling presidential run. He’s hands-down the smartest man in Congress on economic and budget matters, but that kind of intelligence doesn’t necessarily translate to knowing how to win big political races.

    I think back to him accepting the recent invite to Obama’s “budget” speech where Obama (in his typical crass fashion) then proceeded to publicly berate Ryan, and Ryan left understandably upset, and apparently shocked at the encounter. But it shouldn’t have been a surprise to him- Narcissus Obama does this at every opportunity- attempting to humiliate Supreme Court justices at the State of the Union speech, treating Ryan himself very rudely at the Obamacare “Summit”, etc., etc.

    Why do I mention this? Because I’m not sure if Ryan will get rattled by all of the dirty lies, underhanded tactics, AstroTurf, smears, and so on that is the hallmark of Obama-Axelrod style politics. I think Ryan is an earnest man who truly wants to save this country with his wealth of sound ideas- but does he want to spend the next year fending off all the petty, vicious nonsense (and claims that he’s going to cut entitlements for the poor) that will be thrown his way?

    If he does, then perhaps he should run. If he doesn’t… then he needs a choice spot on the next Republican president’s cabinet in 2013.

    BannedbytheGuardian | August 17, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    Paul Ryan was summoned by Obama & thrashed in public. He took a humiliation.

    Paul Ryan apologised for someone else buying a 350 bottle of wine.!

    A good guy for certain but a lamb not a lion .

    Not sure that Wisconsin is stable enough GOP territory for him to run .He could do a Gore & lose his home long repped state.

    This nominee must have fire – the GOP establishment can be sidelined like never before.

    Nah too polite too submissive too wonky.

      Lizard in reply to BannedbytheGuardian. | August 18, 2011 at 1:18 pm

      The Liberals started months ago with PAC ads against Ryan in his own state. I hope he does run because he has power where he is and much as I think he has great ideas the liberals will just turn those the suck at the government teat against him and he will get killed in a national election. I already fear that he may be in danger of losing his congressional seat because of the money from outside of WI being spent against conservatives there.

        If, as you seem to believe, he is at risk of losing his congressional seat in 2012 — demographically a Republican District — then he must be in a bit more danger of losing in a General (Presidential) Election held statewide.

        I’m not convinced (he got 68% of the vote in 2010) but if you are correct because of his more recent and very public “Cut, Cap & Balance” identity, then running for President would put him at the disadvantage of not even being able to win in his own backyard. In politics, that is called having a weak base.

        So, that would be a persuasive reason for him NOT to run for President, based on your analysis.

        I like the guy and I think he is brilliant. And, he is a bow-hunter, which tells me something about his respect for solitude and patience.

        I’d just rather see someone with some executive experience at the helm.

        When we win in 2012 — and I believe we will — look for this guy to be the Chief of Staff, or Sec’y of the Treasury.

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