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    So tell me about West Virginia

    So tell me about West Virginia

    John Conyers (D-Mich), via The Hill, talking about West Virginia:

    “There’s a big campaign going on about how you clean coal, and we want to examine that as critically and fairly as we can, but here’s the problem: I’ve been to West Virginia, and that’s about all they’ve got there…”

    Joe Manchin’s response is at the link, here’s part of it:

    At this time of massive federal deficits, I also invite you to learn more about West Virginia’s strong finances. Our great state is one of the few states in this country that is financially solvent. During the recession, West Virginia had a surplus every year, cut tax rates and raised its credit rating — for three straight years. We believe that the federal government could learn a lot from West Virginia’s commonsense approach.

    Face it Joe, your party looks down at you.  It’s almost as if you were a Tea Party member.  Or at least clinging bitterly to guns and religion, which after all, is all you’ve got down there other than coal, right?


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    BannedbytheGuardian | August 25, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    Furthermore coal mining counties have a universality be it in The Ukraine Wales Nth England Australia or The Ruhr valley. The ways of life including large families ooorly fed , the lung disease , the acute sun (vitamin D ) deficiencies ,the 24/7 survival fears have left their genetic mark down the generations. It is knowledge that lead exposure reduces IQ as does ricketts . These plus more were endemic in coal communities & even today in my local area I can spot he true locals. They are shorter , their teeth less resilient & likely on welfare.

    West Virginia had a particularly virulent rampant company tyranny. Mining rights were gained by buying the rights off poor farmers in the 19th century for $25 etc & locked t in
    forever. Mining towns were fully owned by companies. The unions in WV were no better even murdering a dissenting miner & his whole family.

    Recently a mining company was reported as exploratory drilling down through a graveyard in WV!

    BTW coal mining districts have the worst governance even today. My area was proudly outed as THE most corrupt municipality in the state’s history. However that is better than our competitors who had a genuine paedo as MP or 25 years. Ours we said was only gay.

    eaglewingz08 | August 26, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    Wonder if Jay Rockefeller is going to come to the defense of West Virginia from a fellow democrap’s attack.

    delicountessa | August 28, 2011 at 12:10 am

    *Waves from a mountaintop in beautiful WV* We are and always have been economically depressed. We have high taxes, a terrible legal environment and a lot of regulation that kills businesses. Many of our people are Yellow Dogs and we have very active but low-key Union thuggery that goes on in our elections. Nationally, we often vote R but, other than an occasional Republican governor, we have been under Democrat control for around 80 years. Then everyone wonders why things never seem to get any better. The politicos like to blame it on “infrastructure” but that’s nonsense. If I’m not mistaken, other states also have mountains?
    Reese pretty much lost the election when he said he’d try to repeal minimum wage. Considering that is the prevailing wage around here, that was a non-starter. No matter how much sense it may make from an economists point of view,when you are telling people who are barely making ends meet “hey, I want to cut your wages!” you tend to lose votes.
    Manchin was a somewhat conservative Governor, but now that he is in the senate, he pretty much follows the party line. I expect him to win re-election anyway. People here don’t seem to pay attention to what our reps do, just what they say and he talks a good game. Even so, we are waking up. We don’t have a great deal of political activism or strong in-state communication. In fact, I know a great deal more about what is going on Nationally than I do in the state house. The Dems have a lock and I have no idea how we are going to break it.

    Like John Conyers has anything to brag about in Michigan and Detroit. You know–the city where his wife is a confessed criminal serving a three-year sentence for conspiracy to commit bribery and where his great congressional influence has yet to do anything about the high unemployment in that state?

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