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    Saturday Night Card Game (It’s only going to get worse)

    Saturday Night Card Game (It’s only going to get worse)

    This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

    A couple of weeks before the 2008 election, in one of my first blog posts, I wrote:

    The suppression of legitimate political expression through false accusations of racism by the Obama campaign and its supporters is the defining theme of the 2008 campaign.

    And as we have seen in this series and other posts here, the false accusations of racism have been almost non-stop ever since.  Every time I say it cannot possibly get worse, it does.

    With Obama sinking in the polls and the Republican presidential field beginning to sort itself out, the media is lashing out with increased fury and anger.

    Ed Schultz on MSNBC was caught this week cutting off the sound on a tape in order to create a pretext for calling Rick Perry racist for using the term “black cloud” supposedly to describe Obama.  This was both factually incorrect (the full audio shows that Perry was referring to the national debt as a black cloud) and more of the gotcha word games we have seen before where racially neutral or completely non-racial terms are used as pretexts for false claims of racism.

    When caught, Schultz apologized for showing the clip at all, but not for the false accusation of racism.  Despite the false accusation having been exposed, the next day MSNBC ran the same story again on the Al Sharpton show.

    Next came Janeane Garofalo appearing on what’s left of Keith Olbermann’s career, in one of the most vile attacks we have seen, claiming that Herman Cain is a paid puppet of white political masters in order to deflect the racism of the Republican Party and Tea Party movement:

    They have become their own self-parody, but they are dangerous because the constant repetition works in creating a public imagination that Republican candidates are racist.

    So if you think it cannot get any worse, trust me, it will.


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    Interesting. Two rich white liberals (Garofalo, Olbermann) telling Herman Cain how to be black.

    Iowa Jim | August 20, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    If Olbermann were intellectually honest and anywhere near as intelligent as he claims to be, he would immediately have asked Garofalo whether she has any evidence that Herman Cain is being paid. She probably would have changed the subject. At that point, anybody with intellectual honesty would have asked her please to answer the question. Since she couldn’t have answered “yes”, intellectual honesty would have demanded that Olbermann cut off the discussion on the point, stating that “since you don’t have any evidence, we aren’t going to talk about that anymore.”

    I don’t imagine that it’s news that Keith Olbermann isn’t intellectually honest, but he’s seldom confirmed that fact as clearly as he has here.

    Juba Doobai! | August 20, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    Prediction on the Israel Card. As Obama continues to berate Israel for defending itself, and as Israel increasingly comes under fire, look for some Americans to say enough is enough and take up arms on Israel’s behalf.

    myiq2xu | August 20, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    When the race card is all you have, you play it every hand.

    DINORightMarie | August 20, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    “Every time I say it cannot possibly get worse, it does.”

    I couldn’t agree more. Here is where the “punch line” would come: ‘then stop saying it! ba-dum-bum’; but this is way to serious because of the truth of what else you said:

    “They have become their own self-parody, but they are dangerous because the constant repetition works in creating a public imagination that Republican candidates are racist.”

    Alinsky tools and rules in action. Unfortunately, they work. And the Dems and MSM know it. The only counter to it is if there was some way to flood the truth on the airwaves.

    That’s why the Internet and talk radio are so essential, so powerful.

    My fear is that their next power grab will be an EO or “issued policy” that will shut down Conservative Internet sites and radio programs.

    The FCC has been working on this since before Obama got elected. When will that shoe drop, I wonder? I hope I’m wrong, but after this week’s immigration overreach by the executive branch, I fear this might be next. Maybe a Homeland Security move, for our “safety” which the FCC implements via their regulations and policies. So cosy, a joint venture like that. /sarc

    These are perilous times. I read something today that seems appropriate here: “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. united for harmony; Obama divides to conquer.” (I’ll find the link and update).

    Divide and conquer. The President of the United States. Sowing division among fellow citizens. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” -Lincoln

    The race card is a cancer on our civil society.

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