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    Pep Talk 3

    Pep Talk 3

    Pep TalkPep Talk 2.  Pep Talk 3:

    The debt ceiling fight and “deal” were emotional, and many of you have been left feeling let down or betrayed.  Relations among people who agree on the goal but not the strategy have been strained.

    But keep things in perspective.

    Just months ago Obama was demanding a multi-trillion dollar “clean” (that is, completely unaccountable) increase, and then an increase with a trillion dollars in new taxes, and then taunting you to call his bluff, and then you were called extremists and hostage takers and terrorists by the mainstream media and pundits and politicians …

    … and hobbits …

    Sure, it wasn’t everything you wanted, and maybe not even most of what you wanted.  But you changed the direction of the debate to your terms.

    So while it is understandable that you don’t view the debt deal as a win, don’t view it as a loss.

    Think how they must feel today knowing that they no longer are on the side of history… and we are.

    So shake off the gloom, get your asses in gear, get over it, and get to work continuing to fight the worst government policies “since the Great Depression.”

    We have no other choice.


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    Milhouse | August 2, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    Sorry, not buying it. If we’d really “changed the direction of the debate to our terms” then the deal would have included at least a symbolic $1 cut in spending. Instead, it continues to increase spending, and the entire “achievement” is that the increase is slightly smaller than had been planned. That’s not even the beginning of a victory. We’re still retreating, not advancing.

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    beloved2 | August 2, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    Professor, I was pepped by your pep talk until:
    The Obama administration put up an infographic on full of lies, misleading info, and prevarication. Peter Wilson does a good job of critiquing it with facts at
    I am losing hope about defeating this evil administration in 2012 unless G-d intervenes. As my Israeli friends say “We don’t believe in miracles,
    we depend upon them”. So should we.
    Israelis like Avi Lipkin seem certain that unprecedented voter fraud and waves of Muslim immigration will totally change the American demographics and Obama will steal the election again.

    November 2012 can’t come soon enough. If all 3 branches of government are taken, then all this theater will be forgotten and we will get to the real business of cutting spending to 2007 levels.

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