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    Now would be the time

    Now would be the time

    says The Wall Street Journal for a new candidate to enter the Republican race, since the current three leaders (Romney, Bachmann, Perry) are lacking:

    Republicans and independents are desperate to find a candidate who can appeal across the party’s disparate factions and offer a vision of how to constrain a runaway government and revive America’s once-great private economy. If the current field isn’t up to that, perhaps someone still off the field will step in and run. Now would be the time.

    But wait, isn’t it too late?  Isn’t that what we’ve been told, that only a dunce would wait until September to enter the race, because by then there would be no room?

    The non-Romney Republican field has withered on the vine this summer, with only Rick Perry’s recent entrance making the race interesting.  Michele Bachman’s rise is a mirage; busing a couple hundred more people to the Iowa straw poll than Ron Paul does not make one a contender.

    It’s Romney v. Perry.  For now.


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    Now that Perry will push Bachmann out of the race because of the man-centered Christian voters, and will bloody Romney so badly in his effort to win, Perry will make Romney look like a loser, and because since most independent voters will not care for Perry’s radicalism–which will be exposed during the campaign–Obama will be re-elected.

    What’s the big rush? Let the field percolate long enough and several candidates will eventually eliminate themselves. This far out from the election there’s no harm in a half dozen Republican candidates rallying support and hammering on Obama and his failures. Let’s find out who has the best body of work, who can and who can’t manage a campaign before we try to hand them the party and the country. There’s plenty of time left.

      That’s part of the point. We do want lots of ideas out on stage, and we are missing some. So everyone who’s plausible should be in there testing talking points and new ideas so we end up with the best candidate. He or she may not be in there yet, unfortunately.

    oldyannkee46 | August 15, 2011 at 9:50 am

    Who ever the GOP candidate, it is the economy,debit,and Obama stupid. Does the GOP have the perfect candidate, no but it’s a strong field. Will not be surprised if there is a primary run against Obama, if the economy gets worse and his poll numbers continue to fall.

    herm2416 | August 15, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Only a 24 hour news cycle would consider 15 mos before the election as “late to the game.”

      ironghost in reply to herm2416. | August 15, 2011 at 10:51 am

      The better to distract the populace. Think of it as a grand shell game. Obama screwing up? Quick, slam Bachmann! It’s good to distract everyone!

      It’s getting late in the game theoretically. The primary elections have been slowly creeping earlier and earlier into the year. It’s not really the general election that the candidate has to initially be concerned about.

      5 months, even with a dedicated ‘grass roots’ group already on the ground is cutting it close. It’s hard to get all the moving pieces in place that fast to be ready.

    TPHobbit | August 15, 2011 at 11:40 am

    Don’t go negative on Bachmann. Bachmann’s rise is not a “mirage.” Even without busing in a couple of hundred people she received enough votes in the straw pull to demonstrate she’s for real. Do you still like the deal Boehner accomplished? Bachmann did the right thing by voting no and conservatives should give her credit and support for doing so.

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