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    Marco Rubio at The Reagan Library

    Marco Rubio at The Reagan Library

    What a guy.  He not only saved Nancy Reagan when she was falling, he also gave a speech  on the role of government which should be remembered as the kick off of the Marco Rubio for President campaign, we just don’t know what year yet.

    Update:  For what it’s worth, this is the 4000th post at Legal Insurrection.


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    Becarefull what you wish for.Rubio is Jeb Bushe’s pet.

    LukeHandCool | August 24, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    Does he speak Spanish?

    He’s a candidate from central casting.

    I like the frequent use of the term “sustainability.”

    We need to use terms that the left can get their heads around … like “unsustainable.” They like to use sustainability/unsustainability only as a metric when the environment and natural resources are concerned. They need to see “sustainability” as a financial issue also.

    Once that seeps into their consciousness … that many of these programs are on unsustainable trajectories … we then proceed to adopt another term they understand instinctively … and help them to understand many programs and much of government spending needs to be “aborted.”

    Impressive! Both the 4000th post and Rubio. I do not see a teleprompter. Impressive!

    BannedbytheGuardian | August 24, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Americans are still very impressed by speeches & monuments to speeches etc. I did the DC thing but remember the rather cute Ranger guy -as a 20 year old I thought -“oh yeah babe talk some more’ I did notice the grammar was good in them that speech things but mostly I thought how well the hat sat on the Ranger’s head.

    Rubio. Pretty nice looking. A bit of Senatorial eye candy.

    Florida is an important state especially when/if the USA collapses. Got to get rid of those retirees back to the NE.

    Not VP but maybe a leader for Florida in the new world a coming.

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