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    Nothing interesting to write about this morning.  At least nothing that hasn’t been beaten half to death already.

    Suggestions?  Thoughts?  Comments?  Anybody out there?


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    StacyS. | August 8, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Want a good laugh? Rush just suggested googling “Obama blames”. The list is long and laughable!

    David R. Graham | August 8, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    State-sponsored terrorism/war-making and why US citizens, bureaucrats and elected officials avert their eyes from it, even indulge in it. Which states are doing it (China, Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Turkey, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia … USA, France …)? How are they doing it? Proxies (AQ, Hamas, Hizbollah, Haqqani), SOF teams (Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Syria, China, Libya, North Korea, etc.), financiers (Saudi Arabia, Mohammedan Brotherhood/Egypt, China, Russia, etc.). Why are they doing it? Wealth, dominion, women? Evidence breezes by daily and eyes habitually avert. Too much to handle? Afraid to admit being long wrong? Careerism? Ideology? Laziness? Ignorance? Well, there’s a topic suggestion.

    So how is your Obama 401(k) plan ?

    How about “Ways to raise revenue instead of taxes.”

    Let’s see…
    make it easier for ranchers to lease public land for their herds (also saves on fence repair, since you’ve got to do your own if you lease),
    fast-track approval for revenue generating projects like drilling,
    look into renting out or selling off properties;
    sell memberships for military exchange access, inform customers that they are still legally required to pay sales tax and give them sheets on how to do it at home…
    make it easier to liquidate DRMO supplies (I can’t remember what it stands for, but it’s generally a big, non-climate-controlled warehouse full of stuff like desks, chairs and other supplies that were replaced; I’ve heard of ones that have entire fleets of vehicles slowly moldering.)
    Make an official line of military clothing for each service. (Including costumes for Halloween that are good enough to wear but don’t get into “impersonating an officer” territory.)
    Start charging for patient trolling.
    Charge fees to those groups who sue to expand gov’t power, and stop giving them money for it.
    Sell off capture rights for the excess feral mustang populations instead of paying to do the round up yourself. (I know folks like horses, but they are an introduced species that does a LOT of damage.)

    Some suggestions serious, some sarcastic, some funny. (I’d laugh myself sick to see folks explode at the notion of civies buying their way into the BX!)

    Love to know what’s happening in the Wisconsin recall campaigns APART from the mind-numbing drumbeat of fundraising.

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