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    Class warfare has consequences

    Class warfare has consequences

    Obama plays with fire with his relentless class warfare. It tears at the seams which hold a country together.

    Demonizing the “top 2%” and claiming they don’t “pay their fair share” is not harmless when it is the singular focus of one’s political strategy. Isolating “corporate jet owners” may poll well, but as part of an overall class warfare strategy, it simply increases societal tension.

    The politics of jealously and envy have consequences. This may not make specific politicians responsible for specific acts of violence, but one has to wonder where Obama thinks he is leading the nation with his non-stop stoking of resentment.

    Witness this audio, played on the air by Rush today, via the BBC, in which some wayward youth lash out at the “rich” and say they are “showing the rich we do what we want”:


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    Marx had it all wrong. This is not the “Class” he was looking for or was talking about. These are the affluent recipients of the State largesse. As the bureaucratic-leviathan State grows, the “struggle” is not between the “working-class” vs. “upper class” – in fact “Class” has lost all meaning. The Mob-ones don’t work, they receive. They take from the State as it gives to them – and in turn they vote for more stuff from the State. It is the the Parasite-class vs. the Productive-class – and the Parasites work for and protect the Bureaucrats. When the State runs out of money and threatens to reduce their Bail, the Parasite-class riots for more and THEY threaten the truly Productive-class, the ones who pay all the Tax and shoulder the burden of the Bureaucrats.

      DINORightMarie in reply to DirtCrashr. | August 9, 2011 at 8:48 pm

      Ayn Rand called them “moochers” or “looters,” and “producers.” Removing Capitalism as the main driver of the economy, and artificially manipulating it with interventions from the government has caused much of this. Socialist “redistribution of wealth” combined with “tweaking” the markets, suppressing the markets and capital in general are now coming to the fore.

      Big Government does not work. Nanny State government full of “benevolence” is actually tyranny, enslaving the people and making them both indolent and restless. They resent being “held down,” but submit; they beg for more – so as to get their goodies. The masses would not dare rise up in the book because the state created a terror weapon to ensure no one would rebel – or so the plot goes. I haven’t seen that, yet. Thank the Lord!

      Atlas Shrugged is being lived out before our eyes.

      With one glaring exception, I believe. The rioting and social collapse disprove one of Rand’s main philosophical tenets: it is NOT religion which is the root of so much wrong in Western society. Rather, it is what keeps social chaos from erupting. Without the moral compass of Judeo-Christian principles encouraging both self-respect and respect for others (including private property), anarchy results – as demonstrated in London and elsewhere in Great Britain these past few days.

      GB has been secularized much more than the US. Thus, from what I’ve seen, they are living only for self-indulgence, seeking personal gratification, full of envy of what others have earned – via hard work, by and large. These rioters have no desire to work for their food or material needs. Why work when you can do better by living off the state?

      Why work, when you have no respect for anything – not even yourself? And you believe you deserve to be given everything and anything you want?

      Not need. Want. Desire. See. Covet.

      Like a 2 year old – Whatever I see is mine. Whatever I touch is mine. Whatever I want is mine. Whatever I think I touched is mine.

      That is the outcome of the secular Nanny State. Adult 2-year olds.

    Cassandra Lite | August 9, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    Maybe we should start demonizing the BOTTOM 2 percent. They’re a lot more deserving of opprobrium, no?

    dogzilla | August 9, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    We watched this on BBC News this morning. These are two 17 year old girls who were out drinking all night, and joined in for the fun of it. These “rich”? The people who own the shops where they buy their booze and cigarettes, who provide goods and services to the community. Morons.

    After that interview, some “youth council” prat came along and said the young people are disaffected because no one listens to them. Bollocks to that, Mate: they’re 17 year old alcoholics, full of entitlement, who’ve never had to suffer the consequences of their actions and who are living off the welfare state.

    Every time my husband returns to Britain to see his parents, he can’t get back to the States fast enough. But he is fearful for America because we are going straight down the path that leads to this, and Obama is gunning it for all he is worth.

    At Verum Serum John has posted a magnificent video of a black woman telling the rioters around her in no uncertain terms what she thinks of them [Must See Video of the London Riots – “We Getting Our Taxes Back”]. She is brilliant.

    Between the class warfare of the entitlement state and Shariah-gone-wild, I say “good bye and good luck” to Great Britain. I think David Cameron’s palms are too sweaty to handle this effectively and Nick Clegg is probably hiding behind Cameron’s skirts. God would have to send someone like Margaret Thatcher again to sort this mess–these scenes are straight out of the ’70s and early ’80s.

    LukeHandCool | August 9, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    I like Drudge, but the main headline at the moment is really irritating: “Riots Break Out Around Globe Amid Economic Anxiety.”

    What’s happening in the U.K. isn’t about economic anxiety. It’s about a self-destructive subculture emboldened by new technology and a destructive new idea about using that technology … flash mobs. Flash mobs seem to be a growing form of entertainment for these thugs.

    I wonder how far this phenomenon could be taken? What if flashmobs developed to the point where hundreds or thousands of thugs could be enticed to instantly storm national government buildings (in this country or others) when the right triggering moment comes along? The shooting in England is not a reason, it’s an excuse used as a trigger. Are we supposed to pray the police never end up shooting a dangerous criminal in tough neighborhoods lest we unleash unruly mobs? How could the outnumbered police deal with instantly organized crime?

    LukeHandCool (who hopes he’s just in a ridiculously paranoid mood).

      ella8 in reply to LukeHandCool. | August 9, 2011 at 7:36 pm

      The question is how can they afford that technology to form their flash mobs if they are so damn poor. They are not poor, they are spoiled brats. That is where the entitlement mentality leads. We live in a time where some kids have to be paid to go to school, this is only going to get worse if we don’t start using tough love.

    teapartydoc | August 9, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    If we want the poor to start paying their fair share, the privileged need to give up their privileges. In France nobility and position was bought and sold and today we buy our privileges in different ways by obtaining special notice from the government in the form of professional and occupational licensing. We enter a competitive market to obtain these privileges, yes, but then why do we need the government to protect out turf? Is not the recognition of peers and educators enough? No, we feel the need to beat down our neighbor and keep him out of our part of the market, our turf.

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