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    Britain is our past and our future

    Britain is our past and our future

    A look at our future on the current road to a permanent dependency state where there is little marginal incentive to work, and those who produce and provide jobs are demonized and ridiculed to the point of no return.

    From Max Hastings of The Daily Mail Online, regarding the rioters in Britain:

    They are an absolute deadweight upon society, because they contribute nothing yet cost the taxpayer billions. Liberal opinion holds they are victims, because society has failed to provide them with opportunities to develop their potential.

    Most of us would say this is nonsense. Rather, they are victims of a perverted social ethos, which elevates personal freedom to an absolute, and denies the underclass the discipline — tough love — which alone might enable some of its members to escape from the swamp of dependency in which they live.

    Only education — together with politicians, judges, policemen and teachers with the courage to force feral humans to obey rules the rest of us have accepted all our lives — can provide a way forward and a way out for these people.

    They are products of a culture which gives them so much unconditionally that they are let off learning how to become human beings. My dogs are better behaved and subscribe to a higher code of values than the young rioters of Tottenham, Hackney, Clapham and Birmingham.

    You also may want to view the video I posted yesterday, in the context of what Hastings writes.


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    Bigus Macus | August 11, 2011 at 5:12 am

    Perphaps Enoch Powell was right.

    forksdad | August 11, 2011 at 10:52 am

    The Barbarians are not at the gates, we’ve let them in without a fight and welcomed them with open arms.

    Here is Ann Coulter’s vivid take on the situation:


    Just to prime the pump a bit . . .

    Those of you following the barbaric rioting in Britain will not have failed to notice that a sizable proportion of the thugs are white, something not often seen in this country.

    Not only that, but in a triumph of feminism, a lot of them are girls. Even the “disabled” (according to the British benefits system) seem to have miraculously overcome their infirmities to dash out and steal a few TVs.

    Congratulations, Britain! You’ve barbarized your citizenry, without regard to race, gender or physical handicap!

    With a welfare system far more advanced than the United States, the British have achieved the remarkable result of turning entire communities of ancestral British people into tattooed, drunken brutes.

    I guess we now have the proof of what conservatives have been saying since forever: Looting is a result of liberal welfare policies. And Britain is in the end stages of the welfare state.

    . . . . ”

    And then, with a flawless set-up, she delivers a telling and great tragi-comedic line:

    . . .

    Democrats would be delighted if violent mobs like those in Britain arose here — perhaps in Wisconsin! That would allow them to introduce yet more government programs staffed by unionized public employees, as happened after the 1992 L.A. riots and the 1960s race riots, following the recommendations of the Kerner Commission.

    MSNBC might even do the unthinkable and offer Al Sharpton his own TV show. (Excuse me — someone’s trying to get my attention … WHAT?)

    . . . . “

    This is life imitating art.
    Take the 1993 movie “Demolition Man” starring Sylvester Stallone as an example.

    Erwin: We’re police officers! We’re not trained to handle this kind of violence!

    I wonder if they have the “three shells” ?

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