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    Slow motion political crash

    Slow motion political crash

    That’s my impression of the “drama” unfolding in the budget talks.  Obama now is the one purporting to demand bigger cuts, a more long term agreement, and so on and so on, provided there also are commensurate tax increases.

    It’s an interesting ploy, and tied solely to Obama’s 2012 campaign.  Obama, who just months ago proposed a budget with runaway deficits, now wants to grab the title of deficit hawk.

    It’s all a game.  Obama knows that Democrats in the Senate would block any bill which actually addressed the structural problem of entitlements.  So Republicans will agree to tax increases, entitlements will not be touched, and Republicans will be blamed when the whole deal craters.

    This is all very Clintonian.


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    RBreslin | July 7, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    What about the guys and gal who are running? Haven’t they made any comments? I’m surprised Palin hasn’t come forth with her opinion.

    ella8 | July 7, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    If the Republican’s fall for the recalculated COLAs, my support will be withdrawn. First it will eventually push us all in to higher tax brackets. I always knew that this would fall on the shoulders of the middle class, that is why I support cutting spending. It is only a left wing illusion that our fiscal insanity can be financed by corporate jet owners. If we don’t cut spending, we as in the middle class will pay for it severely. We are struggling enough these days, we don’t need to be pushed into higher tax brackets. We are not stupid, we can read between the lines.

    Secondly, thoug I am no fan of SS to begin with, if I have to pay into SS, it is not fair that the new COLAs will lead future generations to smaller payments than current generations. The older generations got us into this mess, the younger generations should not have to shoulder the larger burden with higher taxes AND reduced benefits. I want the choice to opt out of SS and don’t you dare raise my taxes through the backdoor Obama. The Republicans better not fall for this. I will go third party.

    The Republican “leadership” has not yet figured out that Obama will say/do anything to be re-elected then deny either that he said/did it or that what he said/did was misunderstood.

    Boehner and McConnell are the wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong ideas.

    Obama and the rest of the progressives will use the msm to show that the Republicans, once again, are the tools of the rich and the corporate interests.

    Keep showing the video clip of Obama and Immelt chuckling when Obama says that the shovel ready jobs were not as shovel ready as we thought. Then show how much taxpayer money was spent on the phantom shovel ready jobs.

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