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    Senate Dems kill Cut, Cap & Balance Bill – leave nation with no plan // Update: Reid tells Senate to take weekend off

    Senate Dems kill Cut, Cap & Balance Bill – leave nation with no plan // Update: Reid tells Senate to take weekend off

    The Senate, on a motion to table brought by Harry Reid, just killed the Cut, Cap & Balance Bill passed in the House without any floor debate.

    Unlike a motion for cloture, which would have required a day of floor debate, Harry Reid managed to kill the bill without any television clips of Senators staking out their positions.

    Since there is no other plan proposed by anyone, including Senate Democrats and Obama, this leaves the nation with no plan to deal with the debt ceiling.

    Mark Knoller of CBS News tweets that having killed the bill, Harry Reid has decided that the Senate should take the weekend off:


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    Steve | July 22, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    Professor, what is your opinion of the analysis Khan links to? It seems to follow , but I’m not a law student. Do the arguments hold water? I’m not particularly bothered by thevoting exceptions ..2/3 majority can be difficult to come by . I’m not convinced that this permanently transfers the purse to the Executive. It seems to me that Congress still has a duty to come up with and adopt a budget, its just that the president would now be constitutionally mandated to propose a budget as well.. but that doesn’t mean Congress will adopt it.

    Nor does it seem to obligate Congress from doing what it pleases, the only real change is that it seems to implement procedural standards that presumably cannot be legally overwritten by house/Senate rules.

    I would have like to have seen the ‘Military Conflict clause rise to the 2/3 level though.

    Am i reading this naively?

    Reid has now completed his plan, a third year without a budget. This is how the Senate co-ops the role of the House, Since the precedent is set for two years of no budget, the failure to pass a budget means business as usual as directed by the executive branch.

    Now only that nasty debt limit is left to get rid of. So what to do? Play brinksmanship and get the GOP to blink to increase the debt limit because the budget doesn’t matter any more. Well played Reid, well played. And if any you rubes who believe in the rule of law are listening, this is what usurpation looks like, you have been SUCKERED. Remember, if there is no punishment assigned to the crime, it isn’t a crime, the 1974 budget law means nothing because no one is going to jail over it, just like the lack of punishment for being an illegal immigrant, it maybe illegal to be here but there is no punishment for it as ruled by an idiot judge. (now you also see why judicial reform is so critical)

    Next step, get the public so angry they will throw the GOP back out of power in the House because everybody will be so disappointed and disaffected at their performance leaving the Dems once again in charge of the whole ball of wax in 2012. That’s the plan folks. Now if the GOP were to man up and force a shut down, the dice will be rolled to see who gets the blame. Given the dependency of so many people upon the government, you see this is not a forgone conclusion. The entire fate of the Republic now rests in the hands of people of courage.

    Of course if Obama were the evil person many think him to be, a Hugo Chavez wannabe, he would at the point would declare a state of emergency and disband the Congress while calling for a Constitutional Convention to write a new Constitution since obviously the old one isn’t working anymore. If you think I am over the top on that suggestion, then ask yourselves why did Obama support Zelaya in Honduras when he attempted to subvert the country’s voting process to name himself President for life with the full support of Chavez, Ortega and Castro???? You have been warned.

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