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    Prepare for the Lombardi Rule to take effect

    Prepare for the Lombardi Rule to take effect

    Obama is planning on 5 1/2 more years in office, so he can complete what he has not yet finished.

    At a campaign fundraiser on June 30, Obama made these comments, as reported byReal Clear Politics (emphasis mine):

    “And, Philadelphia, I know there are some of you who are frustrated because we haven’t gotten everything done that we said we were going to do in two and a half years. It’s only been two and a half years. I got five and a half years more to go. (Applause.) And there are — look, there are times where I feel frustrated. But we knew this wasn’t going to be easy. We knew a journey like this one, there were going to be setbacks, like there were setbacks during the first campaign. There are going to be times where we stumble, just we stumbled sometimes during the first campaign.”

    The video is at the link.

    He is driven folks, and single-minded in his desire to force on this country his vision. And right now, the betting is that we have at best a 50/50 chance of defeating him.

    Not motivated for 2012 yet?  Still planning to sit home if your candidate doesn’t win the Republican nomination?  Want to go third party if we get someone too RINO-ish as the nominee?

    Fight to get a conservative the nomination, but remember the Lombardi Rule takes effect the nanosecond the nomination is decided.


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    Pasadena Phil | July 2, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    BTW, why is the 11th commandment only applies when conservatives criticize RINOs? I didn’t see Levin or anyone else troubled by that commandment to attack Trump when he was talking about thinking about running. And what about Ed Rollins attacking Bachmann?

    Let’s stop with the phony rules and fight for our principles. Like Patrick Ruffini famously said a few years ago at, politics is a full-contact sport. Get a helmet.

    Lombardi Rule, hmm. “We play fairly, by the rules, but to win.” Yeah, right, I’m just a wee bit more cynical, I think this is more like the 50% + 1 condundrum.

    Most Americans vote their pocket books. With over 40 million Americans on food stamps in addition to millions more on various government assistance programs, how many voters will vote their short term interest even if that means standing further away from the water on the deck of the Titanic? You can bet the Democrat campaign is going to focus on one thing and that will be to sow fear in the millions who are collecting government assistance of any kind, not just food stamps, but Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security that what little they get will be cut or taken away.

    The issue dear Professor is not about fairness, for if it were, then Obama would never have been elected given the numerous lies (too harsh), statements with expiration dates to convince the independents and moderates to vote for him. NEVER, EVER underestimate the ability of a liberal to spin. The 2012 election is not about fairness, it is about the character of this society. Whether Obama wins in 2012 will be solely determined whether those who collect government benefits can muster the courage to over come their fear of not getting a handout versus the opportunity and self respect of being self supporting members of society again.

    We all know cuts must be made and Obama has continued to demonstrate that by leading from behind, he doesn’t and won’t take the blame/responsibility but rather is happily willing to let Conservatives and GOP take the blame for doing what is responsible and necessary. The entire Debt Limit debate has been characterized how by him? Those mean heartless Republicans cutting benefits for the needy. That is how the entire 2012 campaign is going to be framed by Democrats.

    Vince Lombarbi started with an assumption, the other team was playing by the same rules to win. Reality Check, Democrats play by only one rule, winning, all else is naive foolishness. The only way for a Republican candidate to win the general election is 1. be media savy, 2. listen and take the advice of political allies unlike McCain, 3. Clearly articulate the current situation is unsustainable and will only get worse with Obama’s policy subscriptions, 4. Clearly articulate the solutions over and over again. Solutions that make intuitive sense to the common person. 5. Develop and stick to a plan that recognizes and counters the mudslinging that will be coming from all the opposition research that Obama’s Team is furiously doing right now and 6. Never be afraid to stick your finger in the eye of your opponent.

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