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    New Rutgers Course: How To Mind Your Own Business 101

    New Rutgers Course: How To Mind Your Own Business 101

    Don’t spy on the labels on wine bottles ordered by people at tables near you, because it’s none of your business.

    Don’t then look up the price on the wine list, because it’s none of your business.

    Don’t then calculate how long a family of four could live on the cost of the bottles of wine, because it’s none of your business.

    Don’t then confront the people at the table, because it’s none of your business.

    Don’t then run to TPM with the “story,” because it’s none of your business.

    Instead of teaching a class at Rutgers called “Love and Money” about how students should handle their finances, you should create a class called “How To Mind Your Own Business 101,” and instead of teaching the class, you should take it …

    because how other people spend their money is none of your business.

    Update:  I wonder how many families of four could live on the $80,000 donated to fund the Love and Money course, and for how long.   I bet I know someone who could calculate that for us.


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    […] New Rutgers Course: How To Mind Your Own Business 101 […]

    Juba Doobai! | July 10, 2011 at 12:12 am

    gs | July 9, 2011 at 8:03 pm, thanks for posting the link to her cv, gs. On the basis of three measly years in business, she’s qualified to teach people’s kids? She’s just another Obama clone with little real world experience and a lot of book ideas. Love & Money?!?!

    Tom-Pa, thanks for the name Gladys Kravitz.

    dhmosquito | July 10, 2011 at 7:46 am

    Bill, I’ve got to say I get extremely depressed whenever I read comments on sites like TPM. The **overwhelming** majority of those commenters (and there sure are a lot of them reading Marshall’s crap) are of like mind as this busybody “professor” who is rotting fruit, a product of the obviously liberally-biased academy. Why depressing? These clowns are all going to be obama voters next year. And while I and no one here, with possible exception of Istone above, will be casting their vote that way, I just don’t see the strength of any conservative in a head-to-head matchup next Nov. I sure wish Ryan or Christie would run. I want a series of visceral debates wherein the clown-in-chief is revealed to be the piss-poor “leader” he actually is. I want a conservative and not a RINO. Despite 9.2% unemployment, gas prices rising (again), a complete disaster of foreign policy, Holder’s out of control DoJ, broken promises, etc, etc, I think this country will reelect this SOB. God help us if that happens.

    Unfortunately, the behavior of this officious meddler and her chest-puffing hubby is somewhat par for the course for a few of the larboard-leaners at the little red schoolhouse. However, over the years it has more often been the leftie scolds in the law school who have carried most of that water, so it may be significant that one of the Business School faculty has chosen to begin publicly sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

    She does not live in or anywhere near New Brunswick, NJ, a fact which we know from her because she has also taken up the thankless public task of telling everyone how to go about being an “extreme computer” . . . you know, one of those folks who so needlessly contribute to the problems of global warming and climate change by commuting over two hundred miles a few days a week from Washington, D.C. in order to teach her Rutgers course in how to properly budget one’s resources?

    “Learn to schedule your time more efficiently since long commutes will limit when you can run errands,” says extreme commuter Susan Feinberg, an associate professor at Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick, N.J. She lives 200 miles away in Washington and takes a train back and forth a couple of days each week.

    Ye, yes, time is money! Husband your resources to maximize your “errand running” capacity, and all that.

    But, giving in to the occasional need to go out of your way to be rude to a Republican in a restaurant, and in an entirely unsolicited manner? Priceless!


    They fear so called Conservative Christians telling them what to do with their bodies but have no qualms about telling others what they can or cannot do with their property, their money, their family or their beliefs.

    The huge difference is that the feared “CC”s only want to persuade with speech about moral behavior, the Leftists want the power of law to force people to obey their belief system. Energy Sec. Steven Chu has this to say about banning incandescent lightbulbs and forcing people to buy CFLs

    We are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money.

      Awing1 in reply to darleenclick. | July 10, 2011 at 8:46 pm

      Three words; drugs, gambling, sex.

      I happen to be partial to the second one, although I might also argue my preferred game, poker, is much more skill than luck. I believe it was a pastor who testified before the house financial services committee a few years back on why I’m not responsible enough to gamble online (it’s because his adult offspring robbed a bank after losing thousands on online gambling, apparently he never heard what Willie Wonka has to say about who’s to blame).

      VetHusbandFather in reply to darleenclick. | July 11, 2011 at 11:28 am

      This is off topic but… I hope Steven Chu has some dimmer switches in his house, maybe in a home cinema room or something. And I’d like him to put some CFL’s in there and see how it goes.

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