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    July 4 Open

    July 4 Open

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    tenhanddan | July 4, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    While your watching the fireworks consider that during the Revolutionary War when a colonialist heard a bang and saw a flash it was likely a ball of lead was ripping into their flesh. Their healthplan was an untrained medic amputating their arm with a rusty saw. Their food stamps were some scraps they had hidden in their pocket, and their subsidized housing was a woolen blanket. They didn’t have much, just faith, integrity, and love of their country. That’s what makes this country great, not hopenchange. That’s sounds like a hashish shop in Denmark.

    Here’s something we will probably be talking about in a week or two, the need to re-instate the Glass-Steagall Act. It is being reported that investment banks (as if that’s all they are these days) are about to announce massive layoffs due to plummeting earnings.

    If we hadn’t removed the wise barriers between investment banks, commercial banks and insurance companies in 1999, our current banking problems would have been avoided because they would have been smaller and contained mostly within the investment banking industry. Now, our savings deposits and checking accounts which Glass Steagall guaranteed would be managed conservatively, are lumped in with high-risk capital managers who can never be satisfied with less-than-triple-digit returns on capital.

    Break up the banks and let the hedge funds fend for themselves. As bad as that is, the alternative is much worse.

    Let me add one more thing. I get no interest on my savings and checking accounts. Now I have to worry about whether my money is safe in the custody of these multi-national money laundering houses. Why shouldn’t I take my money out and keep it at home in my safe? I am THIS CLOSE to doing that.

    LynnDee | July 4, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    I am grateful for my father, a Midwestern boy who grew up on the Great Plains of this great country; who loved fishing, building ham radios and his beloved Army; who served his country as a battalion commander in Vietnam; who spent too many nights in his later years drinking Scotch, listening to Waylon Jennings and thinking about that war; but who never lost his love for hot summer nights filled with lightning bugs and the smell of the Missouri River.

    I am grateful that I grew up on Army posts, that my memories include stopping my car and stepping out on the road to stand at attention at the sound of retreat, and hearing the lonely, comforting sound of taps late at night.

    I am grateful I live in a nation of immigrants, that each new wave helps keep us alive and vibrant, and that we are still a beacon of light shining in the world.

    I am grateful that I am a lifelong Democrat, that my mind never closed with anger or bitterness, that somewhere along the way I learned the habit of hope and that it is still strong in me.

    I am grateful for the compassion that keeps me connected to this amazing country, this wonderful world.

    Happy 4th of July, everybody. It’s time to put the RIOT back into PATRIOT!


    If we continue on our recent path, someday July 4th may be a day of grieving for lost liberty.

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