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    Is there a place for me?

    Is there a place for me?

    Apparently not, according to John Hawkins, The slow, painful death of the independent, conservative blogosphere:

    Sure, there were a few outliers that took off: Hot Air, Redstate, and the Breitbart empire for example, but most conservative blogs have either grown insignificantly, stayed the same size, or even shrank. Most bloggers on the right side of the blogosphere haven’t increased their traffic significantly in years. Moreover, the right side of the blogosphere as a whole is definitely shrinking in numbers as bloggers that have had trouble getting traction are quitting and fewer and fewer bloggers are starting up new blogs….

    Bloggers have asked me: So what’s the strategy to deal with this?

    Really, it’s simple: Get big or go home.

    Find a way to dramatically increase the size of your blog, expand into multiple websites that together are big, hook up with someone who’s already big, or accept that there isn’t much of a future in a small, niche market for you. Maybe that sounds a little grim, but unless something changes, independent conservative bloggers who haven’t already made it big don’t have a bright future.

    I’m not sure this is strictly a right-blogosphere problem.  A while ago I posted about similar complaints from the left-blogosphere, although I can’t seem to locate my post.

    It’s tough out there, folks.  Just one guy (with some help) spitting into the wind of blogospheric reality.


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    john.frank | July 19, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    As far as I am concerned, your work is a must read. The idea that conservative blogs will perish is nonsense. Those who produce quality work will continue to flourish, while those that don’t will fail.

    Yackums | July 20, 2011 at 10:19 am

    I blame Charles Johnson.

    Late, since I’ve got reality in the way of setting down and reading….

    “Oh! No! Someone I don’t read says that, because it’s harder for new people to make a living at blogging, all the little guys should quit and get out of his way! Quickly, let us all lose faith!”

    IIRC, the whole “blogging is dying” thing has been going on since the last election. Just new permutations. I think Facebook was going to kill it first, then Twitter, then newspapers going digital….

    Frankly, unless you prove the claim by definition (at one point, nobody made money at blogging because nobody blogged) then I’d love to know where he gets real data for this….

    Probably just a nice big hunk of link-whoring.

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