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    How will it end?

    How will it end?

    Help me formulate possible answers for a reader poll asking that question.

    Considering that some people wanted more than two alternative in the Flash Poll today, I’m taking suggestions.


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    kobayashi | July 12, 2011 at 5:28 am

    The Nuanced Leftist Pseudo-Professorial not saying what he means Obama

    DINORightMarie | July 12, 2011 at 7:37 am

    My crystal ball says:

    Boehner will not accept a deal where ANY taxes are raised (no closed loopholes, etc., either). He has seen what the Dems have done in the past, and he understands that trap, how it will be used against him and all Republicans.

    He will not allow a tax or “revenue” increase that will kill jobs. (Do you get his tweets on Twitter? Any and all tweets are about #jobs. That is what he ran on in Ohio, and that is his priority.) Even with his RINOish ways, he will not cave on this – because he wants to be reelected, and because he knows this ploy from his past time in the House. Been there. Done that. Once burned, etc…..

    August 2nd will come, and…no deal. Should the current “$2B in cuts” deal emerge, Reid will kill it; the House will vote down any compromise that increases “revenue” off the backs of small jobs creators, i.e. those pesky loopholes everyone keeps bringing up. (You know….like my mortgage tax deduction, my children/dependent deduction – those are the “loopholes” the are taking about, folks – not those “eeeeevil ‘millionaires and billionaires’. It’s you and me who they are targeting to gouge; the ‘millionaires and billionaires’ is class warfare BS).

    When August 2nd comes, there will be no resulting “crisis” crash. The debt issue will then have to be addressed using the Constitution’s outlined priorities (which is Sarah Palin has been saying, BTW). Obama and the Dems will demagogue the issue, but Boehner, Canter, McConnell, DeMint and many others will take the message to the people – online, at town halls, and via new media. They will get on Fox News (which is being quite liberal these days….hmmmmm), and a majority of the people will see that the squeaky wheel Dems are just Chicken Littles. (Except for those MSNBC watcher-types, who will never believe the truth, anyway.)

    As Rush said on-air, they want this issue over before Aug. 2nd. Why that date? Could it be because they don’t want those town halls to be flooded with people saying, “Don’t cave! We’ve got your back! No deal!”? There is no real pressure for Boehner to cave, not from his constituents and base. It is the media, the Dems, that are turning the screws.

    OT, but related: There is SO MUCH material the Republicans can use to advertise, illustrating the lying, hypocritical, demagoguing leftist liberal Democrats’ (redundant, I know, but they need to be ID’d clearly) tactics. This is yet another example of: “see – they said the world would end if they didn’t get their way….wrong again!”

    This is just more fodder – if Republicans are smart enough to see it and use it.

    The question reminds me of a bit of dialog….

    Emperor Turhan: I would very much like to have seen a Vorlon.
    [he closes his eyes; when he reopens them, Kosh is standing over him]
    Emperor Turhan: How will this end?
    Kosh: In fire.

    Juba Doobai! | July 12, 2011 at 9:49 am

    Boehner caves and weeps.
    Obama blames Boehner for raising taxes on the middle class.

    The dispute right now is between the crazy Dems who do not care if the whole world burns, as long as they can soak somebody for new taxes, and the Republicans who actually care about what happens to the country. I predict a small face-saving cave on the part of the Republicans in exchange for the cooperation of some rational Dems who are trapped in a metaphorical burning house by their crazy leaders.

    End result: A large spending cut in existing and future budgets with a token tax increase. The token tax increase will be treated as Godzilla by both the far left and right, and many gallons of ink and billions of electrons will lose their lives in the struggle, but at least the country will survive.

    Thought experiment: If the Dems still had a majority in the House, and 2/3 in the Senate, how would they treat this?

    (Russ, you beat me to the quote, darnit )

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