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    How much longer can they wait to get in?

    How much longer can they wait to get in?

    There are two candidates still waiting, either of whom could shake up the Republican primaries big time.

    It’s impossible to read the tea leaves on whether Sarah Palin is running, but it seems increasingly likely that Rick Perry is running.

    How much longer can they wait?

    Bonus question:  If Palin is not running, what’s the likelihood she gets behind a Perry candidacy at the time or soon after he announces?


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    Viator | July 9, 2011 at 8:16 am

    Why Sarah Palin Must Run
    by Tammy Bruce

    “Despite the desperate and not surprisingly shallow belief by the boys in control of the GOP, Palin cannot be replaced by another woman, or another Tea Party supporter, or another Brunette (no matter how much they think a Stalking Horse will split the Tea Party vote). Palin’s impact is unique, significant and deep. Her influence rests on background, experience, legitimacy and most important of all—trust. These are the reasons why Palin matters, the same reasons why the GOP machine appropriately sees her, and no one else, as an existential threat to their status quo.”

    “The contempt the GOP machine has for the average Republican voter is best illustrated by their other Big Fear—Palin does win the nomination! And why should we fear that? Well, that would be a disaster, because, uh, there’s no way she could win the general election and they have to stop that catastrophe from happening! You know, because Mr. Next-In-Line is for sure the only one who can beat Obama. Just like in 2008. Or something.

    The truth of the matter is quite the opposite. They fear a Palin nomination because they know if she wins the GOP nod, she wins the general election. How? Consider these years of frantic and pathological attacks on Palin, all of which she has survived with the grace and dignity so void in her accusers. Now imagine what the establishment will try to do to her during the nominating process. If she wins the nomination despite what they do, it means she not only has convinced Republicans under extraordinary circumstances, she will have convinced the rest of the nation as well. If she wins the nomination with all that she will undoubtedly face during the Republican primaries, the presidency is hers.”

    Big Government

    Viator | July 9, 2011 at 8:39 am

    Stephen Bannon (US Naval Academy, Harvard MBA, Goldman Sachs) at the Heritage Foundation.

    If you haven’t seen it it is well worth 38 minutes of your time. Very thoughtful and articulate.

    You Tube

    One thing notable. You are beginning to see some very smart, accomplished, far seeing people forming up at Sarah Palin’s right hand. Don’t discount it.

    Viator | July 9, 2011 at 9:03 am

    I see the above link does not work, try this:

    You Tube

    Juba Doobai! | July 9, 2011 at 9:43 am

    “Towson Lawyer | July 9, 2011 at 3:16 am
    It is most unfortunate that we can’t combine the presence of a Romney, the principles of a Bachmann, the fire of a Cain and Christie, the savvy of a Jacobson and the foreign policy of a Bolton.”

    TL, we have better than that. We have Sarah Palin. She will run. She will win.

    File this under: Let’s do the time warp again March 1980,9171,921912-2,00.html

    “And since G.O.P. Front Runner Ronald Reagan relies upon a base of support that is on the far right wing of the Republican Party, some experts have long declared that if he wins the nomination, the G.O.P. would simply be repeating the suicidal Goldwater campaign. Ex-President Gerald Ford left no doubt about his views when he warned last month: “A very conservative Republican cannot win in a national election.”

    ” National opinion polls continue to show Carter leading Reagan by an apparently comfortable margin of about 25%. They also show that more moderate Republicans like Ford would run better against the President”

    “Reagan cannot hope to win, however, unless he moves beyond the hard-line conservative base that has sustained him since he first appeared on the national political scene as a spokesman for Goldwater himself. He has no experience in Washington politics or foreign affairs. ”

    “Worse perhaps than the verbal gaffe is Reagan’s relentlessly simple-minded discussion of complex problems”

    “One of his proposed cures for inflation is the notion that a huge tax cut will restore the productive vitality of the economy and control price rises. Most economists believe this approach is nonsense, that it would simply fuel more inflation.”

    “Reagan’s loose statements and flabby positions will make splendid targets for Jimmy Carter. John Sears, Reagan’s former campaign manager, was worried by that very problem during his year-and-a-half reign, and after Reagan fired him in late February, Sears complained publicly that Reagan does not have well-prepared policy positions. Frets Sears: “I’m not sure that he is now adequately briefed on matters on which politicians and the press and the people hold him to account.”

    My prediction, Palin will enter the race end of summer, win the primaries then defeat the incumbent in a landslide.

    Further, she is young enough to activate the Conservative movement for decades; this is the reaon why the Rockefeller Republicans fear her, she will put an end to that Rockefeller stronghold over the Conservative Republicans.

    Game On.

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