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    Can Rick Perry pull off a Hispanic Republican revolution?

    Can Rick Perry pull off a Hispanic Republican revolution?

    The Hispanic Republican Conference of the Texas House of Representatives endorsed Governor Rick Perry for President of the United States – before most anyone had even considered his running.

    Didn’t anyone tell them they aren’t even supposed to be Republicans?

    If Texas is any judge, it looks like this stereotype may be losing traction, and writing off Hispanics as a lost voting bloc is a mistake in any campaign. “Hispanics are Republicans,” Ronald Reagan once said, “they just don’t know it.”

    Who stands to gain from this? Rick Perry.

    The fact is, Hispanics do vote Republican – the number may even be increasing – and the Lone Star State is the perfect case study. Lionel Sosa, a nationally recognized media consultant out of San Antonio, said, “This is a new revolution that is happening in Texas.”

    According to the 2010 census, Hispanics make up over a third of the state’s population, and growing. Republicans gained five Hispanic representatives in the 2010 elections, and they comprise a powerful force in the legislature. Similarly, the percentage of Hispanics voting Republican or intending to vote Republican has increased, growing from just 8% in 1978 to nearly 40% in 2010.

    As the leader of what some might call a demographically oxymoronic state that votes overwhelmingly Republican but boasts a substantial minority population, Governor Perry has had to maintain a delicate balance. Some have criticized Perry for perceived inconsistencies on immigration reform (a hot-button issue, but certainly not the only topic of importance to Hispanics), and others point to his tepid reception at a prominent Latino convention last month.

    But Perry has done a remarkable job of winning the Hispanic vote, taking a sizable 39% in 2010. “I support Governor Perry because of the traditional values he stands for,” says Geoffrey Tahuahua, a young Hispanic conservative who serves as State Chairman of the Texas Students for Rick Perry. “The values of the Republican Party are the same values that the Hispanic community holds near and dear to its heart, and I am proud to support him.” And with President Obama’s approval rating having dropped significantly among Hispanics, that number could grow in 2012, should Perry choose to run.

    The fact is, Perry resonates with voters, regardless of race. If he can do nationally what he’s been doing in Texas, y’all had better get ready. This is shaping up to be one heck of a campaign season.


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    Viator | July 15, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Very nice post that deserves a thoughtful answer. I’m working on one.

    JayDick | July 15, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    I need to learn more about Perry, but he looks pretty good at this point.

    Ipso Facto | July 15, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    Having lived in Colorado for over 30 years, I have always been perplexed about the state of Hispanic politics. It seemed to me that the Hispanic leaders, particularly in the Denver City Council, had embraced corruption for quite some time and preached victimhood to their community. Then again, when I looked at many of my neighbors in the Hispanic community, there were many of them who were extremely hard workers who were really interested in advancement – and this was true of quite a few of them.

    Perhaps we are now seeing that the Hispanics who are prone towards achievement, the ones who join our military in great numbers and the ones who go to work and exhibit exemplary work ethics and diligence, are beginning to ask themselves if they want to go down in flames like the black community has by following the Democratic Party, or if they want to advance like many in the Asian community.

    I think the verdict is still out on this one, however, I am heartened to see Hispanics that want to assimilate, embrace that which has made America great and take the fibers of their greatness and now weave them into the fabric of America, instead of embracing the MEChA, La Raza, Aztlan, Reconquista crowds.

    Time will tell, but with people like Marco Rubio out there, I am hopeful for them.

    Message from Texas … don’t count on the Mexicans. Believe me, these folks have every intention of getting on the government tit at every opportunity. They come from an entitlement/feudal culture and they intend to milk the American system for everything they can get.

    Viator | July 16, 2011 at 8:54 am

    Of course Rick Perry was an Al Gore supporter. But many influential conservatives are those who have seen the light (eg. David Mamet)

    He seems to be a good governor and Texas has done well under his stewardship. He will have to stand up to being Alinskied.

    There is going to be a battle royal for the GOP nomination. I expect it will be a fight between Perry, Palin and Romney. But the Mittster’s time has passed. All of the other candidates have fallen by the wayside, are falling by the wayside or will fall by the wayside. If Perry declines it will be Palin and the Mittster. Perry will be the GOP establishment’s anti-Palin candidate. I wonder about the marketability of another Texan for President.

    I expect Palin is going to have unexpected crossover appeal to surprising demographics including Hispanics and even some conservative black families. She fits a model found in their communities of rock solid hard working women.

    Cuando lo rebelde es ser conservador


    Palin planea su próximo movimiento

    “Sarah Palin no ha entrado en la carrera por la Casa Blanca (todavía), pero cree que el premio está ahí para quien lo quiera coger. En una conversación con Peter J. Boyer, Palin advierte a Boehner que no eleve el techo de la deuda, proclama que Obama es vencible y dice que la competencia por 2012 está lejos de estar completa.

    “Nosotros no hacemos publicidad de a dónde vamos”, dijo Palin, quien regresó a su casa de Wasilla, Alaska, después de una serie de apariciones multitudinarias por todo el país.”


    “Dentro del Partido Republicano estadounidense, y sobre todo una vez que terminó la presidencia de George W. Bush y sus funestos compassionate conservatives, veo a Sarah Palin como la figura que mejor encarna esos valores en los que creo, de acuerdo con sus declaraciones públicas y contrastadas con lo que fue su actuación como gobernadora del estado de Alaska.

    No niego que puedan existir dentro del Partido Republicano estadounidense otras figuras tan o más valiosas que Sarah Palin, pero ahora mismo, y eso es algo que debemos agradecer sin reparos a John McCain, es ella la única que disfruta de la proyección nacional necesaria para suponer un rival creíble para el actual presidente de los Estados Unidos.

    En consecuencia, de poder yo votar en las próximas elecciones presidenciales estadounidenses, Sarah Palin sería ahora mismo mi elección y es a ella a quien dirijo actualmente toda mi atención. Si en algún momento, alguna de estas premisas se revela falsa, me comprometo a clausurar inmediatamente el blog, ya que a partir de entonces carecería de sentido.”

    America is Ready!
    El primer libro publicado en español sobre Sarah Palin


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