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    Boehner 3.0 Tabled

    Boehner 3.0 Tabled

    Senate just voted to table the Boehner bill. No surprise, but the vote was 59-41, which means some Republicans voted to table it.  (Added, the Republican votes to table were DeMint, Hatch, Lee, Graham, Vitter, Paul,)

    Claire McCaskill is complaining the Mitch McConnell told Harry Reid that he will not negotiate with Reid.

    Are we better off that the Boehner bill passed the House?  I say absolutely, the narrative is that the House passed a debt ceiling extension and the Senate killed it.


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    retire05 | July 29, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    Talk about idiots: Paul Tonko (D-NY) just told Greta that gas prices are high because of the tsunami.

    Let’s see: Bush had two major hurricanes that shut down gulf drilling, wiped Mississippi towns off the map and destroyed New Orleans, a major tsunami and what were gas prices when he left office?

    Tonko also says that Obama hasn’t been able to do anything about the economy he “inherited.” Obama didn’t inherit anything. He spent almost a billion bucks to get the job.

    What liars.

    Cowboy Curtis | July 29, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    Wait till the Senate sends over their utterly reasonable (per the press) “compromise” at the very last minute which includes exactly 2% of the Boehner plan intact, and the House fails to pass it immediately without question. All previous House work will be instantly forgotten by the press and republicans will be painted as devil obstructionists who won’t do anything as the economy is about to burst into flames.

    The narrative has been set for weeks, facts will not interfere. We keep expecting the press to report honestly, as if some new additional facts will open their eyes and tickle their consciences. It won’t. See Operation Fast and Furious or the New Black Panther case.

    Luckily, the public wants spending cut, and even if we go past August 2 for a few days (even a couple of weeks) the world won’t explode, and people will notice that. This whole thing has been an attempt by a White House that knows the economy is heading back into the crapper to hang the blame on the GOP, or failing at that, get them to buy into the failure. Its purpose is 1) give the president someone to blame come November 2012 and 2) limit the triage necessary for Senate democrats (they will lose the Senate, this is about just how badly they lose it).

      Cowboy Curtis in reply to Cowboy Curtis. | July 29, 2011 at 10:40 pm

      I meant to include that the last minute plan was tipped this tonight as Reid refused McConnell’s offer to waive the 2 day time wait period.

      An ancillary to all of this has been a hail Mary hope that it might prompt a third party push among TEA partiers, or at a minimum, create a split between them and republicans, and within the caucus itself. The likeliness of the outcome, or lack thereof, really, doesn’t make it worth not trying, since a highly motivated TEA party united behind the GOP all but guarantees Obama’s defeat and a staggering loss in the Senate.

    john.frank | July 29, 2011 at 11:23 pm

    Reid can not get enough votes to pass his bill on a motion of cloture. The reports are that Reid will therefore table his own bill.

    (How the media will report this should be interesting, because the lack of understanding by the press of the process in the House and Senate is striking.)

    The House has scheduled a vote for Reid’s bill at 1:00 pm tomorrow afternoon. This vote will likely be cancelled if Reid’s motion to table his own bill is passed.

    So, that means we are in a stand-off situation.

    At this juncture, if I were Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell the message is very simple, the House has passed two bills. Explain that the second bill is based on a compromise negotiated with Reid, and say, we expect the Senate to revisit one or the other of these bills and act.

    Then stop talking.

    The Democrats and the President will complain, moan, piss and whine, etc.

    Republican response – Pass – either CCB or Boehner 3.0 – as is, and resolve the crisis.

    We shall see.

    Milwaukee | July 29, 2011 at 11:58 pm

    Sadly, this all reminds me of negotiating dinner out plans with my now ex-wife.
    Want to go to dinner?
    I don’t care, you pick.
    How about A, B or C?
    None of those.
    What about J, K or L?
    You do want to eat out, don’t you?
    Sure, but none of those places.
    Where do you want to go?
    I don’t care, you pick.

    I now go out by myself.
    The Republicans absolutely need to let the Democrats explain their budget and their plans to borrow. Borrowing would be easier to justify if we knew what the money was budgeted for.

    David R. Graham | July 30, 2011 at 1:05 am

    The Republic is safe. Democrats’ brutality and Republicans’ forbearance undo the former and multiply the latter. Beyond that, what retire05 says.

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