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    Boehner 3.0 Tabled

    Boehner 3.0 Tabled

    Senate just voted to table the Boehner bill. No surprise, but the vote was 59-41, which means some Republicans voted to table it.  (Added, the Republican votes to table were DeMint, Hatch, Lee, Graham, Vitter, Paul,)

    Claire McCaskill is complaining the Mitch McConnell told Harry Reid that he will not negotiate with Reid.

    Are we better off that the Boehner bill passed the House?  I say absolutely, the narrative is that the House passed a debt ceiling extension and the Senate killed it.


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    All the democrats want is to extend this crap past the 2012 election to re-elect Obama. They know that the republicans are willing to extend it for 6 months and no longer, so they make the republicans look like the bad guys by saying that we are cutting spending and not raising taxes. The republicans must explain that the debt ceiling is almost always raised for just a couple of months. If they can’t do that, they will lose and really screw our Country.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Boehner and McConnell are the WRONG “LEADERS”. We need people with brains and balls and who is not “establishment”.

    Viator | July 30, 2011 at 5:58 am

    It Amazes and Baffles Me

    “A week ago, the United States House of Representatives sent a bipartisan measure to the United States Senate where it fell five votes short of a majority.

    Today, John Boehner sent over legislation that couldn’t even get all the Republicans to support it, didn’t get any Democrats to support it, and will get less support in the Senate than last week’s plan.

    And now the Democrats have a talking point they didn’t have with last week’s plan — that this plan is not bipartisan and also that Boehner had to appease the far right, all of which was lined up behind last weeks plan in even greater numbers.

    Adding horror and humor upon humor and horror, now Boehner syncophants are telling the Democrats that they’ve got to do something since the GOP has finally done something.

    Were these people asleep last week when the GOP did something with Democratic help?

    Oh, and some of the same people on our side who’ve been pooh-poohing those of us who said to stick with Cut, Cap, and Balance, suddenly, after the Boehner vote, are lamenting that something wicked this way comes.

    Lord, please give me smarter enemies within my own tent.”

    Erick Erickson, Red State

    Professor, you say:

    Are we better off that the Boehner bill passed the House? I say absolutely, the narrative is that the House passed a debt ceiling extension and the Senate killed it.

    The House also passed “Cut, Cap & Balance” and the Senate killed both bills by tabling them. The political reality is that Harry Reid is completely boxed in a corner.

    He is desperately trying to force Boehner to pass a “clean” extension — one that dopes not require cuts in spending.

    But Boehner can and should now say, as I noted elsewhere on this site:

    “Sorry, fellas . . . our work is done. Deal with it. We passed two bills to solve this problem. All the senate Majority Leader did was petulantly engineer votes to table both measures.

    Either un-table one or the other of the two and pass it and send it to the President, which would solve the problem forthwith, or amend one or the other of the two bills and send it back. If you do the latter, we’ll take it up and deal with it accordingly, as we should.

    That is the way our system of government works. Deal with it.

    There will be no further discussions. Curiously, President Obama and the former Speaker of the House promised to deal with HealthCare in an open manner, but they did not and they got in big trouble as a result. We in the House are not going to repeat the fatal political mistakes they made by making backroom deals.

    We on the Republican side intend to abide with the proper constitutional process — either pass one of the bills we sent you, or amend it and send it back, at which time we will take it up in the manner we see as best for the American people.

    The ball is now 100% in your court, and time is short.

    Man up Harry!”

    elspeth | July 30, 2011 at 11:35 am

    I love the “” ad with Claire’s picture right under the post. That’s priceless!

    Claire will not be re-elected. EPIC FAIL!

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