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    “Why should we devote resources begging people to act in their own self interest?”

    “Why should we devote resources begging people to act in their own self interest?”

    That’s the question asked by Justin Katz at Anchor Rising, a Rhode Island based conservative blog, in the context of handwringing over the “skills gap” and plan to pump more money into motivating people to get educated:

    They’ll seek to pour additional money into secondary and post secondary education, taking money out of the economy in order to make it as easy as possible for young adults to stumble into the jobs that they want to fill. But the underlying problem is much deeper, as one can begin to see in this quotation:

    “State leaders have long known of a skills gap in Rhode Island and have been working to find solutions, said Ray Di Pasquale, CCRI president and state commissioner of higher education. But, he acknowledged, the state needs to do more to cater to student needs to keep them in school. ”

    Why should we devote resources begging people to act in their own self interest? They ought to want to pursue a path that leads them to high-paying jobs. If the route to a comfortable life is to stay in school, all that ought to be needed is for young Americans to be made to understand that — and to understand that hard work, dedication, and sacrifice on their own part is going to be required.

     Interestingly, Rich Lowry has a column up today about The Rise of Uncompassionate Conservatism, focusing on Rick Perry and generalized Republican rejection of the Bush-era of big goverment:

    As the press clues into the new anti-Bush drift of the GOP, we can expect a revival in Bush’s reputation. He will be portrayed as more reasonable, more internationalist, and altogether more statesmanlike than his benighted compatriots. If only it were still the party of George W. Bush will be the lament. And it will make the party even more glad that it’s not.

    I never liked the phrase “compassionate conservative” because it suggests that conservatives are not generally compassionate.

    Allowing people to find their own way in life, to succeed through their own efforts, to become all they are able to achieve, while maintaining a safety net which is not so expansive that it entangles those who it seeks to save.  That’s pretty compassionate to me.


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    JimMtnViewCaUSA | June 21, 2011 at 11:41 am

    This would appear to be much-needed basic info for liberals.

    Executive summary:
    To be clear, jobs get created in private enterprise when additional labor is required to produce goods or services that will increase the profit of the enterprise.

    Jobs don’t get created:
    A: because people are trained to do them.
    B: because people have higher educational attainment.
    C: by raising taxes on those who we hope will create the jobs.

    Pasadena Phil | June 21, 2011 at 11:41 am

    Instead of putting MORE taxpayer money into loans and non-merit-based scholarships, let’s eliminate their being available for non-productive areas of study (like political “science” and sociology) and redirect that money into engineering, science (real science, not earth science or poli-sci), and other areas that actually help society and make people employable.

    There is too much educational paper being bandied about by useless people and not enough education.

    The Arroyo Seco Kid has a point. Truth-in-advertising protocols should at least cause higher education to relabel the classes he mentioned, and their ilk, “Public Teat Engorgement 101”, etc.

    retire05 | June 21, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    Professor, Bush II adopted the “compassionate” conservative mantilla for one reason: Ann Richards. Richards was a popular Democrat (Texas being a blue state at the time, in spite of what Obama says) in a party that was rapidly moving left with over reach of federal authority (i.e. Waco). To appeal to those Texas Dems who basically allowed their emotions to rule their politics, Bush had to come up with the mantra that he was just as “compassionate” as they were.

    The problem came when Bush ran for POTUS, after being governor in a Democrat controlled state, when he started believing his own rhetoric.

    Rich Lowry’s article is not very flattering to a man who has consistantly increased jobs in Texas. But then, Lowry sold his soul a long time ago and became just another Beltway insider who has put much distance between him and the American public.

    I guess the best book I ever read on how the liberal policies are anything but compassionate was written by Star Parker. Parker told how the largess provided her by the federal government facilitated the ruin of her life, including multiple abortions. It was only when she found a pastor, who didn’t play the race card, that she realized she, and only she, was responsible for her life.

    BAs working as plumber, and Master degree holders unemployed is all too common. It used to be that a college education meant something, now you can major in “women’s” studies, or so other meaningless liberal arts degree that does not make you employable. When, if Obama gets his way, everyone has a college degree, what value will it hold then? Or will we see college graduates going to trade schools to learn to do the things the rest of their class cannot do because they are tired of being one of the unemployed herd?

    “Why should we devote resources begging people to act in their own self interest?”

    I ask myself the same question every time the local utility is browbeat by our liberal city and county commissioners to devote resources encouraging consumers to conserve. Both water and electricity (the utilities in question) are metered…you pay only for what you use. Like gasoline it is a straightforward logical progression to assume that the less you use, the lower your bills.

    But the over-reaching nannys in government assume that people are too stupid to make the connection themselves (maybe they’re right…look at the new scaaaary cigarette warnings) and so we’re inundated by advertisements encouraging conservation. Advertisements paid for by our utility bills.

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