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    Weiner’s Going Down

    Weiner’s Going Down

    This is the day after which not even Debbie Wasserman Schultz can save Weiner.

    Just go to Breitbart’s Big Government as the evidence of more photos is dribbled out today.  Patterico is all Weiner, all the time.  Stacy McCain hasn’t had so much fun since ever.  Ace is lunching at the buffet.

    Even the Israel Lobby has turned on him.

    Any minute someone from Chicago will board a plane to tell Weiner it’s time to go, for the sake of The One.  Lucrative employment by an Obama campaign donor or Soros-funded think tank to follow.

    Readers are encouraged to update us in the comments.

    UpdatesUh-oh– via @JtLOL – “ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. wanna see?”  Perhaps that is why he could not state with certitude that the original photo was not him.

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    He won't step down. He has no shame. The lesson for modern politicians since Clinton is to deny and deny, then admit it on a friday afternoon, preferably a holidy or summer weekend, and say it's personal matter and he's going back to work and then wait for the next "scandal" or incident to push it off the papers.

    The dems and media won't make noise and it'll blow over. They'll say it was t a crime, didn't use govt resources so nothing they can do, it's between him and his wife. He'll lay low for the summer and be back MSNBC and CNN before Labor Day.

    Andrew Breitbart:

    "We will be updating and throughout the day with photographs, timelines, and other clarifying details."

    I knew Andrew's dad (a steady customer at one of my dad's stores) and he is (although adopted) a fun-loving chip off the old block.

    I don't want to sound metaphorasmical, but I love how he's going to have this climax over an extended period of time … in seemingly endless dribbles. I'm sure I will then want to ask the left, "Was it as good for you as it was for us?"

    This may be the biggest online catastrophe since the Great Depression. The Blogger meltdown that took this site down a couple of weeks ago is still #1 for now. That was scary.

    Professor, just saw your update. He has only one choice: Up the ante, by maybe a factor of 10.

    "If I was giving a speech to 450,000 people …"

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