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    Weinergate: The Line For Apologies To Andrew Breitbart Forms On The Left

    Weinergate: The Line For Apologies To Andrew Breitbart Forms On The Left

    Now that more photos and information are coming out from multiple sources about Anthony Weiner’s online exchange of photos and salacious talk, it is worth revisiting how the left blogosphere relentlessly pushed the meme that this was an Andrew Breitbart hoax:

    Charles Johnson:

    Eric Boehlert, who took time out from proofreading:

    The hoax theory also made its way into the mainstream media via Jeffrey Toobin on CNN:

    While this drama still is unfolding, it is not too early for all these people who maliciously attacked Breitbart to line up for apologies.

    The line forms on the left.

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    Liberal political commentators and "journalists" NEVER apologize for smearing people who bring to light the faults and foibles of their Liberal 'heroes' of the downtrodden.

    You would think that those who (falsely) claim to speak 'truth to power' would not turn away when the TRUTH hurts their political agenda. The fact that they do (and subsequently attempt to change the subject by saying "well, THIS time he was right, but … [insert lame excuse here] so we're not going to apologize) is the greatest evidence that Liberalism is about getting RESULTS desired by Liberals, and NOT truth.

    Professor Jacobson, I'd love for this site to get more exposure, and most of the commenters here would agree. Make THIS site THE GO-TO site of the list of lefty media types that f'd this up. GROW THAT LIST! Behar? Bawbwa Waltaws? Surely there's more …

    Joseph Cannon, still doesn't believe that Weiner sent the pic….


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