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    The Glitter-ification of Politics

    The Glitter-ification of Politics

    Throwing things at politicians is a bad idea.   Anything.  

    How is security supposed to know if the perp is throwing glitter, or acid, or holding a knife.  Moving towards politicians in a threatening manner is just a bad idea.

    The activist who moved in a threatening manner towards Rand Paul last year put herself and others in danger.  Particularly after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, the notion that physical confrontations, including throwing things, at politicians is acceptable is not acceptable.

    Nonetheless, the newest fashion in  politics is  for gay marriage activists to throw glitter at politicians who oppose gay marriage.  Code Pink doused Tim Pawlenty with glitter last week.

    The latest is this unsuccessful lunge towards Michele Bachmann at the RightOnline convention (via TPM):

    Here’s the link to another video with the perp explaining how she would throw glitter at Barack Obama if she could get close enough. 

    This is just plain stupid and irresponsible. It is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.


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    Well, I think maybe Gay People are not careful enough and it might have started here with Zoolander and Orange Mocha Frappucchinos:

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    And this crap was not reported in the msm because …? If this had happened at a democrat rally, it would be all over the news and Obama would have announced an immediate need to ban glitter and then called for a golf summit. With beer.
    Where is the security for the candidates? The guy took out a box, opened it and threw its contents on Gingrich. This took several seconds. There was enough time to take the nut down. This is like the nut in Iraq who threw TWO shoes at Bush. After shoe number one was hurled, a take down was in order.

    H_Tuttle | June 20, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    They need to be charged with assault. Getting glitter in your eyes is no picnic and can definitely be hazardous.

    Is it wrong of me to hope against hope that some ultra-liberal decides to try to throw glitter on Obama and the secret service mistakes it for a gun and shoots them for it?

    All these lefties are trying to do is get someone to react on camera against them so that they can use the footage to show how “oppressed” they are. If it was Obama’s security, doing it, it would be a fantastic piece of campaign media to discourage the left, as well as showing that it’s not acceptable to be done to ANYBODY.

    I got tired of playing nice during the 2008 election cycle. My policy now is crush our enemies (the Liberals and Statists) and defeat them until they can no longer rise to threaten the nation with their idiocy.

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