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    The Glitter-ification of Politics

    The Glitter-ification of Politics

    Throwing things at politicians is a bad idea.   Anything.  

    How is security supposed to know if the perp is throwing glitter, or acid, or holding a knife.  Moving towards politicians in a threatening manner is just a bad idea.

    The activist who moved in a threatening manner towards Rand Paul last year put herself and others in danger.  Particularly after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, the notion that physical confrontations, including throwing things, at politicians is acceptable is not acceptable.

    Nonetheless, the newest fashion in  politics is  for gay marriage activists to throw glitter at politicians who oppose gay marriage.  Code Pink doused Tim Pawlenty with glitter last week.

    The latest is this unsuccessful lunge towards Michele Bachmann at the RightOnline convention (via TPM):

    Here’s the link to another video with the perp explaining how she would throw glitter at Barack Obama if she could get close enough. 

    This is just plain stupid and irresponsible. It is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.


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    LukeHandCool | June 19, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    When will Codes Pink & Glitter ever learn that performance art activism only appeals to other frumpy girlie-men like themselves?

    For a supposedly tolerant, peace-loving people, these clowns who throw pies, red paint (at people wearing fur), and glitter, among other things, sure do seem to like assault and battery.

    LukeHandCool (who would politely tell them that screeching to the choir is no way to win the affection of the feminine Alan Alda-type girlie-men of their dreams).

    Fact: My partner and I… are safer + better respected in a Tea Party Rally than we would be at a red carpet event by GLAAD.

    Like to see: a video of same ‘gay marriage activists’ hop on a plane to … Tehran and throw glitter at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    spartan | June 19, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    What ever happened to respect and civility?
    It is one thing to play political hardball but this disrespect and incivility must be rejected. It is childish and childlike and no place in political discourse.
    Unfortunately, Code Pink et al. raise a lot of cash which in this day and time replaces respect and civility.

    “What ever happened to respect and civility?”

    The election of Barack Obama. That’s what happened. When he told his side he wanted them to get mad, to “get in their faces” and to “punch back twice as hard” that was the end of civility in politics. It was the beginning of threats and violence in politics and Barack Obama not only precipitated it, he refuses today to repudiate his violent rhetoric.

    Ipso Facto | June 19, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    Most conservatives I know have educated themselves about the issues and they typically present their argument in a reasonably articulate manner. Liberals on the other hand seem to have an increasing number of their crowd whose positions are based more on their emotions than any actual knowledge of the facts. Many of them seem to be on their way towards increasingly irrational behavior because they are frustrated with their inability to make the world conform to their own naïve and idealistic view of it. They seem increasingly prone to ad hominem attacks and they seem to feel like if they have such strong emotions about something – that means they can denigrate people, violate other people’s space, and otherwise justify civil disobedience. Their behavior is increasingly becoming less civil and amongst their ranks, throwing a temper tantrum and acting like a spoiled brat is becoming a badge of honor.

    We saw in Wisconsin that liberals increasingly have little regard for boundaries. They actually believe that since they are outraged at other people having an opposing point of view, they have the right to violate other people’s space, take over the public way and act like hooligans as they disturb the status quo and impede the legislative process. We see how the Code Pink people feel like they have the right to walk right up to Karl Rove and put handcuffs on him because they have simply decided he’s a war criminal. Now we have these glitter throwers who feel totally free to violate other people’s space and throw things in their face because they differ with the other person’s politics.

    How many times have we seen people like Diane Sawyer ask questions in a completely histrionic manner, when a simple statement if inquiry would suffice? Why do you think we are seeing more and more comedic presentations of the left’s positions, such as Jon Stewart and others of his ilk? It seems to me that the left is losing the argument, and in their desperation to prop up their positions, they are increasingly resorting to manipulation tactics that are all based on cultivating ire by expressing everything they say with outrage, disgust or exaggeration, which are all commonly known techniques of drama.

    All the drama in the world, including their outrage at our carbon footprints, their incredulity at our use of crude oil, their disgust at our dispassionate treatment of the poor, their anger at our desire to have a sound economy and their indignation at our desire to follow the Constitution, are all the bluster of people who are collectively losing the argument.

    It seem they are engaged in falling on their proverbial swords. Please, let them fall, but lets not let them act out with impunity. Nothing good will come from our tolerating their increasing level of disrespectful behavior and the violation of people’s boundaries.

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