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    Suffolk Univ. History Prof. – Palin Right About Paul Revere

    Suffolk Univ. History Prof. – Palin Right About Paul Revere

    In the continuing saga, in which Palin is being savaged and mocked, please listen to this NPR interview with Robert Allison, a professor and historian at Suffolk University, in which Allison argues that while Palin may have had some details wrong, she mostly was correct about Paul Revere’s ride, including the ringing of bells and firing of shots as warning to the British:

    Money Q&A;:

    Q. So you think basically on the whole Sarah Palin got her history right?

    A. Well yes she did, now remember she’s a politician she’s not a historian, and God help us when historians start acting like politicians, and I suppose policitians start writing history.

    (h/t to commenter CW at HotAir)

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    viator | June 7, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Stephen Bannon producer of the new Palin movie, at Heritage Foundation.

    Forty minutes, I rate it a must see.

    US Stream

    viator | June 7, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Rush Limbaugh today:

    If Sarah Palin gets in the presidential race, it will be her race to lose.

    Professor, I just read Patrick's comment.

    May I have a glass of Chianti with that?

    My, my, my that was delicious.

    And you didn't have to type a word.

    Patrick – in case you missed it – Revere agrees with Palin. Look it up.

    OK, off to comment moderation!

    nor did he do this by ringing bells…which would require an elaborate system of bells to create such nuanced message

    "So if the regulars break camp, I'll ride to warn you and you ring the bells to alert the militia"

    My God! It would take a team of Harvard PhDs and a Cray supercomputer to formulate a nuanced message like that! That's crazy talk!

    …This just in; commenter Patrick beclowns self, cites Palin as culprit.

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