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    Suffolk Univ. History Prof. – Palin Right About Paul Revere

    Suffolk Univ. History Prof. – Palin Right About Paul Revere

    In the continuing saga, in which Palin is being savaged and mocked, please listen to this NPR interview with Robert Allison, a professor and historian at Suffolk University, in which Allison argues that while Palin may have had some details wrong, she mostly was correct about Paul Revere’s ride, including the ringing of bells and firing of shots as warning to the British:

    Money Q&A;:

    Q. So you think basically on the whole Sarah Palin got her history right?

    A. Well yes she did, now remember she’s a politician she’s not a historian, and God help us when historians start acting like politicians, and I suppose policitians start writing history.

    (h/t to commenter CW at HotAir)

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    Wow, good job, Patrick. Impressive combination of cluelessness and arrogance!

    It is utterly ridiculous to think that Colonial New England, its landscape dotted with a motley of small towns each centered on a tiny church, had anything like the resources to create an elaborate system of bells…

    Wait, what?

    Well the founders were all Deists, and they would never stoop to mixing politics and religion. Unlike that B***** snowbilly Palin.

    You inconsiderate jerks.

    It's been 30 seconds, now 35 seconds, and my last post still isn't up?!? (now 45 seconds)


    @Loren Ibsen…Just another "Tolerant", "Peace Loving" Liberal I see. How many more foul words and smears can you think up? Wait, what? who's inconsiderate now?

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