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    So Tell Me About Rick Perry

    So Tell Me About Rick Perry

    The buzz is that Rick Perry has hired away some former Newt senior campaign staffers, and is giving serious consideration to jumping in the race.

    I truly don’t know much about him.  So tell me about Rick Perry.

    Updates:  Since we’re having comment function problems, I’ll post selective e-mails from readers who have been shut out.  I have no feeling for or against Perry yet, so don’t take these posted comments as reflecting my view.  A reader writes:

    I tried to leave a comment under “So tell me about Rick Perry” but I couldn’t get it to work… grrr!

    Here is my comment- hope it helps 🙂

    Im a native Texan and have voted for Governor Rick Perry 3 times. He’s not perfect- no candidate is. But if the election comes down to jobs and business growth (and it will), Perry has no equal. The guy is literally a job-creating machine.  He’s in a unique positon to unify and excite the GOP. He can easily rally Tea Partiers with plenty of down-home red meat. He’s also experienced and well-connected enough to bring a lot of establishment support with him.
    He’s a good extemporaneous speaker, full of charisma, and is immensely likeable. He connects with people very well. He’ll take some heat for the TTC and Guardasil, but he’s weathered those storms here and crushed his opposition. He’s got something of a teflon quality I have not seen since Reagan.

    This might be the best way to sum him up: Rick Perry is the anti-Obama.  Do a quick search on “Texas economy”, and you’ll see what Im talking about.

    Buckle up, folks. This race is about to get exciting – finally.

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    PasadenaPhil (can I assume that is not Pasadena, Texas?), the strides that Texas has gained have been since we went red. Up until George Bush was elected governor, we historically were a blue state. Everyone said that Bush could not beat Ann Richards, a charismatic woman who gave the DNC keynote address when Bush, Sr. was running for POTUS. And last year was the first time that we have had a Republican majority Congress since Reconstruction. And if you want to see how badly a governor can mess Texas up, I would refer you to Waco, and the Branch Davidians.

    We had a few tech companies prior to Bush, like AMD, Dell and Texas Instruments, but nothing to shake a stick at. Now we are the Silicon Valley of the South.

    Now, I know you want to say that Perry has been soft on illegal immigration, but that is just so much bunk. Odd how people who claim to be so intuned with politics know as little as they do. I don't consider using state resources to protect the border (when it is a federal responsibility) or ordering Congress back into session to deal with other immigration issues to be soft. Perhaps you can tell me how much better your governor has done. Or just tell me what state you are in so I can poke fun at your governor.

    Yes, Perry was a Democrat. So what? Democrats in Texas are more conservative than any East Coast Republican, or any Republican in California, for that matter. But Reagan was also a Democrat. Are you now going to tell us that Reagan was all hat and no cattle (as if you even understand what that means)?

    Now, let me ask you this: you say that Texas' economic advantages should be because of its constitution and tradition. Should not the same apply to the United States as a whole? How's that working out?

    BTW, aren't you the guy who said once that you were well informed about Texas because you spent a week here one time?

    @WDOR, omg, I love that check for a penny thing and am going to steal it. Scott Brown is incessantly emailing for money; it's annoying, especially as no power on earth would make me vote for him again.

    As to Perry, interesting stuff here. The gadrasil mandate is very troubling, I've no opinion of him, either, and don't anticipate a need to form one.

    Pointing out that someone over the age of 35 in the South was once a democrat before 1998 really isn't saying much. Before 1994, virtually everyone was (even if they always voted Republican for president). In these states it was, and in some places still is, a matter of regional identity that has nothing to do with how they vote and everything to do with our history. In terms of roots in the land, the South's population is by far the oldest in the nation, and if you'll recall, republicans weren't very nice to us for a couple of decades in the 19th century. Just about every family has a memory of the devastation of the war and a couple of Reconstruction horror stories to boot–and we tend to have very long memories. Until Clinton utterly destroyed the Southern wing of his party, you couldn't get elected in the most conservative region of the country running as anything but a democrat. And these states were Reagan's biggest supporters! It should also be noted, those Southern democrats tended to be the most conservative people in Congress, and their state legislatures were much more conservative than the republican ones in the North. I know people who have never voted for a democrat in their life who still won't change their party registration. One needs to look no farther than Alabama or North Florida for evidence of that phenomena.

    You're skeptical of someone who used to be a democrat in the South 20 years ago. Us Southerners tend to be skeptical of anyone who wasn't.

    Attention — Tin Foil Alert!

    Rick Perry — Gosh — he is a shoe-in. Haven't you heard that he visited Istanbul in the summer of 2007 to attend the annual Bilderberg Convention? Hey, that means that he has been vetted by David Rockefeller et al so we can be assured that Perry will be elected as our next president.

    It is now safe to remove tin foil.

    Wow, way to completely miss the point. I haven't seen that many straw men in one place since Blair Witch, although those women seemed way more in control of their emotions. Thanks for making it personal too. Captain Oblivious, never heard that one before… so original. Should I call you Retard05? Is that your IQ or your age? Does this make the discussion now more compatible with your maturity level?

    The deflection is cute, but we're not talking about other states, we're talking about Perry who, for example, has consistently endorsed in-state tuition for illegals.
    No. Fighting back against armed cartels is NOT political bravery … it's avoiding the political suicide of ignoring them. He's far from the perfect poster boy you have taped above your bed, and for some voters, immigration is an issue whether you like it or not. Also, whether you personally want another Texas Guv or not, the point was how that plays in the general election. If you think the media will consult your personal opinions of relevance, significance, and fairness when deciding whether to use policy statements and circumstances to sabotage a conservative candidate, you're a Macaca fool.

    Phil is absolutely correct that Texas would be Texas with or without Perry. That he didn't interfere is to his credit, but that doesn't make him immune to legitimate concerns on policy which may matter to other voters whether you approve of their priorities or not. If your intention was to say that his virtues outweigh his faults, or that you think he's better than the other plausible candidates, then maybe you should have written that instead of a nonsensical diatribe about some evil cabal of idiotic RINO Other-Staters out to crucify the second-coming of Perry the Infallible (Peace Be Upon Him).

    So again, thanks for making it personal, name-calling, belittling others' valid concerns, and making things up like so much bunk. The part where you imply that whether one lives in fly-over-country is somehow indicative of one's ability to form a legitimate opinion made me chuckle. We don't get too many whiney moonbat elitest liberals around here, thanks for reminding us what we've been missing!

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