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    So Are The Republican Primaries Over Before They Start?

    So Are The Republican Primaries Over Before They Start?

    I did not see the New Hampshire debate last night because I was traveling, but the various news reports, including from mainstream conservative blogs, seem to indicate that Romney appeared presidential and in command, Bachmann got attention and likely name recognition, Pawlenty missed an opportunity, and the others on stage were sideshows.

    The narrative implicitly is that the race pretty much is over before it started, Romney is the nominee.  As much as you may not like the narrative, is it valid?

    Is there anyone who was not on stage who could change that narrative?

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    By the way, I'm not sure why everyone, including Rich Lowry, seems to think a Constitutional amendment defining marriage would be an infringement of state's rights. The 10th Amendment says any powers not granted to the federal government are reserved for the states. An amendment such as this would grant that power to the federal government, and therefore not be an infringement. Plus, it's one that a "supermajority" of states would need to approve, anyway. It's not like you can just pass an amendment by fiat.

    Is it?

    The MSM has declared the Republican primaries to be over:

    "Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has surged into a clear lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination…."

    — WSJ (subscription required), reprinted for free by Morningstar at:

    And, btw, "…but his attacks on President Barack Obama's economic stewardship have yet to shake the president's lead over the GOP…."

    We can pack it up and go home, and call off the rest of the campaign and the election; the geniuses in the MSM have made the selection for us. [just a little sarcasm there]


    Very interesting polling techniques. That WSJ (and NBC) poll showing that "Romney has surged into a clear lead" was a "…poll of 1,000 adults, conducted between June 9 and 13…." (Note: that was BEFORE the "debate.")

    If you search for the details of the poll (found here, at MSNBC no less):

    you find that the questions about the Republican primaries were only asked of approximately 29% of the sample (or about 290 people).

    That just goes to show that there are 3 kinds of lies:
    1) lies,
    2) damn lies, and
    3) statistics.

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