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    Slow news day, so it’s time for … Stuxnet!

    Slow news day, so it’s time for … Stuxnet!

    Via the Iranian Fars News Agency:

    Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi said that his ministry has provided the country’s state and private firms and organizations with the necessary security instructions and measures to confront possible cyber attacks.

    “The intelligence ministry has notified the different bodies of the necessary precautions and preventive measures that they need to take against cyber attacks,” Moslehi told reporters on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting here in Tehran on Wednesday.

    “Hence, these are the organizations themselves which need to decide if they should carry out these protective actions,” Moslehi added. 

    Get it? The higher-ups have given all the necessary tools to the lower-downs, so if there are any more problems, the heads of the lower-downs will roll.


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    Not a chance. There isn’t any possibility that their nuclear facilities are secure enough to prevent a sophisticated cyber attack or to completely prevent infection by another well-designed virus like Stuxnet.

    In order to be secured, they would have to be completely off the grid, no information in or out via network traffic, and the computers would have to be physically secured against upload or download via media of any type. In short, the ONLY way to have a secure system is to have all the programming done at the terminal itself, and Iran doesn’t have the programming capability to do it themselves, let alone do it at multiple facility locations.

    The moment you allow any sort of input into a system, you open it up to a cyber attack. All you have to have is some little, obscure code that attaches itself to a piece of media, that quietly waits until the right command is given, and then (BOOM!) you lose the whole system.

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