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    Rachel Maddow Brings “Beef, Tequila and Condoms”

    Rachel Maddow Brings “Beef, Tequila and Condoms”

    Rachel Maddow is the superstar of the MSNBC stable and hero of the liberal Democratic base, called the smartest and best talk show host on television..

    So what did she do Friday night in the segment about the Palin e-mails?  She highlighted an e-mail sent to Palin by someone else to which Palin did not respond, using the phrase “bring beef, tequila and condoms,” and kept that phrase the screen for the entire 11 minute segment.

    Real mature Rachel, but then again, you are on MSNBC:

    I pity David Corn of Mother Jones, who wanted to ride the Palin e-mails to stardom, but who has been reduced to appearing on Maddow with the phrase “bring beef, tequila and condoms” plastered under his image:

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    Anyone have any copies of Rachel's shows prior to the document release? It would be nice to see if she thought it was a non-story before everyone realized it was a non-story.

    Ahh yes, Rachel. Were that directed at her, it would read..

    "bring beef, tequila and batteries"

    NO! No pity for the evil doers.

    Bring water skis, Fonzie, and a shark. No, the Fonz is not going to "jump the shark." This time the shark is going to "jump the Fonz."

    LukeHandCool (who valiently tried to watch the video, but who finds Rachel's self-satisfied tone too annoying … and, who imagines that journolists couldn't get through a dozen of his emails without finding something salacious, like, "Honey … I'm too tired to stop by the supermarket on my way home!" and turn it into something flippinunbelievable).

    This is classic Maddow, and is why MSLSD is such a laughing stock, along with "thrill up my leg" Matthews and disgraced, disavowed and disposed of Olberman. It's all about using something that shows up in the dump to try to paint the person into a corner. The fact that the person in question DIDN'T WRITE IT doesn't matter to them.

    It's like all Liberals (with a deep, gravelly and grave delivery): "It's not the nature of the evidence; it's the seriousness of the charge."

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