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    Piper Palin as Media Bouncer

    Piper Palin as Media Bouncer

    Andrew Sullivan says “my bad,” but it’s worse than my bad (h/t Tom Maguire):

    Piper Palin As Bodyguard

    Is it too outrageous to ask why this little girl is not in school, rather than acting as a media bouncer for her mother on a publicity/campaign tour? Update: because school in Alaska is now out for the summer. My bad.

    This is the video (via Gawker) which inspired Sullivan’s comment about Piper being a bouncer.  She does force her way between a reporter pushing his way towards her mom and nudges him aside with her shoulder, which makes this my second favorite Piper Palin video:

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    I don't suppose it ever occurred to Sullivan that Piper, as an autonomous person in her own right, might have chosen to place herself between her mother and the reporter because she — gasp! — loves and cares for her mom and is protective of her, particularly in light of how the press has treated her mom. It's not like the Palins have shielded their kids from what the press have been doing to Sarah.

    And as for him not knowing about school not being in session… why should he? It's not like he's ever been a parent. Of course, as an alleged journalist, he could be expected to do some research before making his snide comments…

    You know, if Sully truly cared so much about the Palin kids and their delicate sensibilities, maybe he'd stop spreading lies about their mom at the drop of a hat. Nah!

    Is it too early for Piper to have a PAC for a future presidential run?

    viator | June 3, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Suppose school was in session. Piper Palin would learn more in one day traveling from Washington, DC to NH with her mom than she would learn in a week in school. Piper was having pizza with the Donald the other day, now she can always ask him for a reference. Imagine the conversations she has been privy to. I bet she has been soaking it all up.

    Maureen O'Connor said not only does she throw a nice block for her mom she gives great stink eye.

    Piper Palin stink-eye

    Piper looks like she's ready to kick some reporter ass…. and I'd pay good money to see Bashir laid out on the sidewalk after she got through with him.

    My first impression was, "here's a kid who won't let any impudent, bad-mannered, intrusive, loutish, pushy so-called adult intrude into or usurp the space she rightly deserves directly alongside her mom". More power to her.

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