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    On the Republican Field — Give Me More, Faster Please

    On the Republican Field — Give Me More, Faster Please

    I saw this interview of Rick Perry yesterday afternoon, and I was impressed. 

    I’m not willing to commit yet, because the field is not complete and I don’t know enough about him, but I’m intrigued by Rick Perry.  (Thanks for all your prior comments, give me more.)

    We cannot rest with those who were on the stage for the New Hampshire debate.

    I like Tim Pawlenty the most of those on the stage, but he needs to break out of his shell. I could like Michele Bachmann, but not as long as she has an Andrew Sullivan as her campaign adviser; its a non-starter for me. Mitt Romney is the guy I want to like, a decent chap, but I’m not sure he shares my view that better big government is not the goal, better smaller government is the goal.

    Give me more. And as he says, faster please.

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    If he's willing to pull a Texas Chainsaw Massacre (veto) on Congressional overspending, I'd be happy to have him as President.

    I think he's hard to read, because his eyes looks he's smiling when he's not. Great poker face.

    As a life-long Texan, I am quite pleased with Rick Perry as our governor, and I can easily see him as President. (I'm a HUGE fan of Sarah Palin, and if she runs, it would be a difficult choice between her and Perry in a primary)

    Perry attended Texas A&M; back when it was still mandatory for students to be in the Corps of Cadets, and he was elected as a Yell Leader his junior and senior years (anyone who knows of A&M;'s Yell traditions knows what a HUGE thing that is). He is also an Eagle Scout.

    He's a great off-the-cuff speaker, and can win over a crowd with ease. I'd love to see Perry and Palin double-team Obama in a debate – there would be nothing left but a picked-clean carcass…

    Speaking as a newly engaged conservative, I am extremely disappointed that he ever signed into law a state mandated gardisil vaccination for girls as young as 11 and 12. From everything I've read, it smacks of crony capitalism and nanny state government, only with republican spots.

    I live in Texas. We don't need Bush 3. Look elsewhere. Unless the Republican nominee is Ron Paul or Sarah Palin my vote goes elsewhere.

    I predicted some time ago that Dole/McCain/Romney would be the Republican nominee in 2012 and Obama would be re-elected. I see no reason to change my prediction. The Republican Party cannot be reformed. [end of rant]

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