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    “Deranged Propagandist”

    “Deranged Propagandist”

    That’s what Andrew Sullivan calls me because I pointed out facts which contradict his narrative of Sarah Palin.

    Funny thing about facts, Andy.  Name calling can’t change them.

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    Did Sullivan also call you a balding English homosexual?

    Yep Sullivan tore up your points one by one.

    When someone posts so little and the most emphasis is on their name calling you know they have very little.


    Remember E.D. Kain is the guy who tried to get me fired. He contacted my college to complain about me calling him out for his dishonesty, and when he got called out for that he pleaded Christian ethics. Blah, blah … E.D. Kain: Dishonest hack. Andrew Sullivan: Ditto.

    I am delighted your influence is such that Sullivan or whatever his name is really is pushed to swing at you. When Jen Rubin feels likewise driven, I will be in ecstasy.

    @Stray Yellar Dawg – Are you a University of Washington alum or student? And regardless of that, your homily for the day is as follows:

    One's life is of a piece. There is not a past we have left. There cannot be. What we were we are and always will be. A so-called "present" never is. To a limited but important extent, we have power, freedom and meaning to create a future (not the future, a future). However, fundamentally, "we are each as God made us — and some a lot worse."

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