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    Dear Michele Bachmann, If Ed Rollins Stays, I Go

    Dear Michele Bachmann, If Ed Rollins Stays, I Go

    An adviser to Rep. Michele Bachmann sends over this fairly ruffles-smoothing statement:

    “The Congresswoman has nothing but admiration and respect for Governor Palin. The two enjoy a good friendship, and Rep. Bachmann looks forward to working with the Governor for the common goal of making sure President Obama is a one-term President.”

    Not good enough.

    As long as Ed Rollins is one of your advisers, I’m looking elsewhere.  It troubles me to say that because I think you have a lot to offer, and I’ve been as disgusted with the unfair attacks on you as I am with such attacks on Palin.

    But Rollins spit in the face of every Palin supporter (and I use that term in the broad sense, not just people who support her for President).

    I cannot support a campaign run by Ed Rollins.  Every time I see his smug face as your spokesman, I’ll be reminded that the opening shot of your campaign was directed by him at Palin.

    But that’s just me.  I can be that way.

    I’m sure that all the other Palin supporters will do everything they can to help Ed succeed.

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    I admire you for staying this long professor. She already lost me. When she hired Rollins she lost any credibility with the Tea Party. She's just another Washington insider against "We the People."

    Bachmann's people in IA and SC, and probably other states as well, have been engaging in Palin-bashing long before Rollins showed up. Bachmann hired Rollins knowing full well that Rollins has engaged in Palin-bashing for the last 3 years, and has even bashed Bachmann herself as well.

    When Bachmann first started making noise about running, some said that she was just a stalking horse for Romney or some other establishment candidate, hoping to syphon votes away from Palin. I dismissed that idea then, but now it looks like they may have been right. I believe Bachmann to be nothing but a political opportunist, with no legislative accomplishments, who has latched onto the TEA Party just to advance herself.

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