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    Charles Johnson: I Won’t Apologize to Breitbart

    Charles Johnson: I Won’t Apologize to Breitbart

    Earlier today I noted that numerous people owed Andrew Breitbart an apology.

    Among those people was Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs who accused Andrew Bretibart of “smearing” Weiner with “phony” accuastions.  Now that Bretibart has been vindicated, is Charles willing to man up and apologize?  Hell NO (emphasis mine):

    And I’ve been getting a flood of hate mail, much of it demanding that I “apologize” for something. So here’s my official response to this demand:

    Not a freaking chance. If Weiner admits to sending the pictures in question, I’ll be surprised and disappointed, but I’m never going to apologize for calling it as I see it.

    And I’m certainly never going to apologize for pointing out that Andrew Breitbart is a sleazy fraudster, with a well-documented and very tawdry history of deception.

    So to those demanding that I apologize: try holding your breath until you turn blue. Maybe that will do it.

    UPDATE at 6/6/11 1:33:21 pm

    And there we have it; Rep. Weiner has admitted to sending the pictures, in an abject apology. But he says he’s not going to resign.

    UPDATE at 6/6/11 2:13:16 pm

    Just to be absolutely clear about this: yes, Andrew Breitbart got this one right. But again, I will never apologize for doubting his credibility. He’s smeared too many innocent people, he does not deserve the benefit of the doubt, and getting it right this one time does not change those facts.

    At the end of Weiner’s press conference, under questioning, Weiner stated that he apologized to Andrew Breitbart.  How interesting that Charles is incapable of doing the same.

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    Maybe Herr Johnson could provide us with a detailed list of all the frauds perpetrated by Mr. Breitbart. No BS, just facts. If this punk thinks he smeared Sherrod, he needs to go over the evidence several more times until he gets it! Breitbart cleared the matter up after it was revealed that the damaging tape was edited by the useless NAACP.The smear was on Breitbart. It's hard to see when your head is inserted between your glutes.

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