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    Charles Johnson: I Won’t Apologize to Breitbart

    Charles Johnson: I Won’t Apologize to Breitbart

    Earlier today I noted that numerous people owed Andrew Breitbart an apology.

    Among those people was Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs who accused Andrew Bretibart of “smearing” Weiner with “phony” accuastions.  Now that Bretibart has been vindicated, is Charles willing to man up and apologize?  Hell NO (emphasis mine):

    And I’ve been getting a flood of hate mail, much of it demanding that I “apologize” for something. So here’s my official response to this demand:

    Not a freaking chance. If Weiner admits to sending the pictures in question, I’ll be surprised and disappointed, but I’m never going to apologize for calling it as I see it.

    And I’m certainly never going to apologize for pointing out that Andrew Breitbart is a sleazy fraudster, with a well-documented and very tawdry history of deception.

    So to those demanding that I apologize: try holding your breath until you turn blue. Maybe that will do it.

    UPDATE at 6/6/11 1:33:21 pm

    And there we have it; Rep. Weiner has admitted to sending the pictures, in an abject apology. But he says he’s not going to resign.

    UPDATE at 6/6/11 2:13:16 pm

    Just to be absolutely clear about this: yes, Andrew Breitbart got this one right. But again, I will never apologize for doubting his credibility. He’s smeared too many innocent people, he does not deserve the benefit of the doubt, and getting it right this one time does not change those facts.

    At the end of Weiner’s press conference, under questioning, Weiner stated that he apologized to Andrew Breitbart.  How interesting that Charles is incapable of doing the same.

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    Charles is apparently feeling a little bit of heat, as he is now offering to apologize but ONLY if Breitbart firs apologizes "to Shirley Sherrod, Planned Parenthood, and ACORN, for smearing them with dishonestly edited videos.

    Which I don’t expect to ever happen, of course. And I can guarantee that I will defend Andrew Breitbart’s next smear target, too — with no apologies."

    So, Chuck wants no part of the truth, including on into the future!

    "Breitbart owes Sherrod a huge apology. He ran a maliciously edited video from a questionable source and accused her of racism."

    The questionable source that edited the video: the NAACP.

    Try leaving any criticism of Johnson in the comment section of any LGF post. No matter how mild, polite and non-threatening it is, it will be deleted, and the "account" (the computer it was sent from) will be "blocked." I speak from personal experience.

    Breitbart faces his critics head on. Johnson runs from them. What else do you need to know?

    jakee308 | June 7, 2011 at 10:28 am

    BTW for any that want to give Chuckles the benefit of the doubt and believe that his critics are just disgruntled banned (for cause) ex-commenters?

    I was banned for the sole reason of commenting at the Blogmocracy website. Formed by some of his original detractors the site acted for quite a while as a place to comment and vent about his insanity and the lengths to which some of his commenters would go to kiss his ass.

    A comment was made about a past commenter at LGF at Blogmocracy and wondered if their comments were still archived (Chuckles is a full range censor he not only bans you in the present he bans you from the past. He also edits his own posts if they disagree too much with his current positions) immediately after I went searching the archives on LGF, I was banned. NO OTHER ACTIONS WERE TAKEN BY ME; NO BAD LANGUAGE, NO BAD COMMENT, NO OVERBOARD CRITICISM. NOTHING.

    Charles gives Censorship a bad name.

    I went to LGF to try and post a few choice comments calling this moron out on his BS. Guess what? Registration is closed!


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