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    Can any Republican presidential candidate withstand being Palinized?

    Can any Republican presidential candidate withstand being Palinized?

    Not a fan of Ed Rollins, but you know that.  I guess this qualifies as Part 3 of the “Hey Ed Rollins, you deal with it” series.

    More than not being a fan of Ed Rollins, I keep questioning why Michele Bachmann started her campaign by having Rollins attack Sarah Palin in very demeaning terms, and if it was not planned, why Bachmann did not fire Rollins on the spot.

    That question becomes important because as Bachmann rises in the polls and spotlight, the process of Palinizing her by the left-blogosphere and mainstream media also is rising.  The disgusting Rolling Stone article about Bachmann is tame compared to what is to follow.

    Scott Johnson at Power Line Blog, linking to a cover article at The Weekly Standard about Bachmann, makes a point I have been asking here for years every time an establishment Republican or Republican know-it-all lashes out at Palin; can anyone withstand the Palin-treatment:

    Reading Continetti’s article, I wonder if anyone can withstand the treatment that Michele will elicit from the media if she emerges as a serious player in the nomination process. If anyone can, Michele might. But can anyone?

    The answer is maybe, but only if we are united in defending that person.

    Republicans did not uniformly defend Palin when she falsely was accused of complicity in the Arizona shooting, and establishment types like David Frum piled on Palin.  We see that process of piling on almost daily among Republicans, and Rollins was just the latest and most high profile example.

    Bachmann, by keeping Rollins on staff, has signaled that she is not ready for the type of unity needed to defend all Republican candidates against Palinization.  Ironically, Bachmann is the candidate who needs that unity the most.

    Update:  If you think I am against Bachmann, you would be very wrong.  In fact, I have been a consistent supporter and defender of her almost since the beginnning of this blog, including these posts:

    It is precisely because I think Bachmann has so much to offer that I am at a loss to understand her hiring of Rollins and weak response to his attack on Palin.


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    johnmarzan | June 26, 2011 at 12:39 am

    can any republican withstand palinization? depends on the candidates.

    remember, obama doesn’t have anything to run on. which means he and his cohorts in the media will employ the harry reid/chris coons model–which is to make his opponent’s fitness and qualifications the issue in 2012.

    if the tea partiers elect palin or bachmann, then obama’s job will be easier.

    if republicans nominate somebody who is an “acceptable alternative,” then obama will lose if the economy remains in the tank.

    oh, and the poll where it shows obama losing to a generic candidate? it shows him losing to a generic REPUBLICAN candidate, NOT a generic TEA PARTY republican. if bachmann wants to overcome her deficiencies with voters outside the tea party base, then she needs to run as more of a republican (ie competent, conservative, qualified, not crazy).

    Well, there are a couple rules a Republican candidate needs to follow in order to succeed.
    1) Reagan’s 11th Commandment – (Yes I’m talking about Ed Rollins). Save your best shots for your Opponents, not your Allies. Smacking away on fellow Republicans for fairly minor things is dumb, and will not get you support from the MSM or other Liberals. Which leads us to…
    2) The Media is not your Friend, no matter how they try to suck up. They don’t care how good you look, they care about how good *they* look. And nothing gives a nice glowing coat of wax and polish to ones Media bona fides, like a three-hour interview summarized into a 10 minute hit piece. Record your interviews with the press, with the willingness to publish the *whole* thing. Restrict your interviews to “friendly” reporters and “neutral” reporters, ignore the crybaby leftists who only exist to stick you in the back. In particular, resist the urge to squish some of the more pesky blogs and minor journalists who run their itty-bitty pi**y hit pieces, and wait with baited breath for you to hit back.
    3) Be able to summarize your major plans to fairly simple one or two sentence bites. You will have an advantage over the Democrats in this regard, since their plans seem to be built on clouds. Which leads us to…
    4) Stay on target. When given a misleading question, you have to use verbal judo to turn it back in the direction of your talking points. “Have you stopped beating your wife?” should be turned into “As you know, my wife of X years has been fully supportive of our plan to __________ and has campaigned for it in….”
    5) Try not to look crazy or stupid. If you do a 3 hour interview, and raise your voice once, guess which part gets on TV? The objective of the Media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) is to make you look like some frothing loon of the Right-Wing, who could not tie their own shoes. Don’t go monotone on us, (the Al Gore treatment)

    In short, be yourself, don’t let it drive you crazy, and remember the taxpayers are your bosses, not your employees.

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    gary gulrud | June 26, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    While Michele is my Rep. I cannot claim any inside info. Nonetheless, I find Professor, your analysis a bit facile considering your customary insight.

    Why would Mother B. need a goon like Rollins? Check your post’s headline.

    Was “not serious” representative of Rollins at his worst, e.g., might he have done better than “unschooled”, “quitter”, “slutty flight attendant” or “unelectable”?

    The week before on Hannity Bachmann had to defend the ‘stalking horse’ charge with “Palin has nothing to do with my running”.

    Not saying they do weekly conference calls together, or have never crossed swords, they are working in concert.

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