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    Are you kidding me, this is the Chicago Police Superintendent?

    Are you kidding me, this is the Chicago Police Superintendent?

    A very bizarre attack on federal gun laws (actually the Second Amendment) and Sarah Palin by Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy speaking at Reverend Michael Pleger’s church.

    And we wonder why the streets of Chicago are out of control?

    (h/t @angelflemming)(full video and transcript here)


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    The problem is not guns. Predating that weapon, people in the “hood” carried knives, screw drivers, box cutters, and other weapons. Many likely still do today.

    The problem isn’t racism anymore. It was when it started with shoving intact families into segregated public housing, but after several generations of losing normal social behaviors, fatherless homes, teen pregnancy, isolation from the middle class, lack of upwardly mobile jobs, and inferior substandard schools, the damage has been done.

    What’s missing from his speech is holding the actual party responsible for the devastation of urban families and areas. That should be laid at the door of Democrats, since they’ve controlled Chicago for decades.

    Ipso Facto | June 25, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    The failed social experiment (too much welfare for exhibiting behavior that is detrimental to one’s self and society in general) IS THE CAUSE of the deterioration of the culture in the inner city lower class families. While blacks were poor in the early part of this century, they had very strong families. When welfare got out of control and provided an incentive to have children out of wedlock, their families disintegrated because they no longer had to stay together to pay the bills and raise their children.

    Stephen Karpman developed the rescue triangle which elegantly explains how “helping” people, when it relieves them from being responsible for their own lives, only makes people resentful and they inevitably turn around and persecute their rescuers. While this model was developed to explain the behavior of individuals, I see no reason why it doesn’t equally apply to groups.

    Thus, with good intentions, (and trying to build up a political constituency) the Democrats came in and “rescued” the urban poor and we can now see the unintended consequences. By relieving too many people from being responsible for their own lives the Democrats synthesized an entire culture of people who were devoid of motivation to improve their plot in life. They next became resentful of people of accomplishment. This culture now relegates people to lives of little hope, and they have thus embraced infidelity, crime (hence all the guns), and have little interest in intellectualization because it represents the dominant culture towards which they clearly feel hostility.

    Make no mistake, crime in the inner city black communities is a direct product of the failed socialist experiment that not only ruined countless lives, but has produced an entitlement which has slowly been killing our economy. Today, the Democrats hate to rectify this problem because it would diminish their constituency. That is why I said that what they have done is deplorable.

    janitor | June 26, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    “…the intellect of a snail and his deductive reasoning…”

    My first thought. A synapse misfiring in their somewhere. (What’s scarier is the approving crowd around him.)

    “The failed social experiment…” Thanks, Ipso. It was nice to have that idiot’s blather countered in my head by reading your intelligent comment. You realize we tried to cure welfare with child support from unwed men, followed by parenting rights for unwed men, all of which in turn had the iatrogenic effect of further denigrating marriage. (Where are the think tanks?) Oh dear, I’m lapsing back into bigot mode…

    A more thorough analysis and exposure of McCarthy’s history of perfidy is now up at PJM via this post. It’s worse than I said.

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