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    Uh huh

    Uh huh

    Looks like the blogosphere may be onto something.

    I’m beginning to feel like a moth drawn to light.  Hopefully not to fire.

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    Damn . . . Cowboy Curtis made the point I was going to make. Good catch!

    You lose Mediate — as a liberal Democrat, and he DID — you are toast! That story reads like the reporter wanted to cry, but felt he had to do his job.

    And then there is the very widely circulated AP story from a short while earlier today, one which was the AOL version of the story, and also posted on Yahoo, Forbes, and on dozens of other news services and news websites across the country.

    Check out this graf from the story — my emphasis added!

    . . .
    The colorful and sometimes combative congressman who represents parts of Brooklyn and Queens was characteristically sharp tongued, refusing to answer reporters' questions about it, and even calling one a "jackass" for interrupting him. He insisted that he wanted to move on from the incident, which was distracting from his work on Capitol Hill. But there was no sign the story, or the speculation about who may have been responsible for tweeting the photo, was fading.
    . . . .

    Generally, it is not good to call a reporter a "jackass!"


    Van Halen | May 31, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    Alwight, wicked Weiner! That's the last stwaw! Weporters are wondering whose weiner was weproduced in the Twitter and Yfwog accounts! It's high time you weply to our qwestions! Don't make us wun after the Weiner-wife to get the weal stowy about why you're twittering wacy porn stars and a possible mistwiss!

    Milwaukee . . . instead you might try to Google "Weiner's Schnitzel on Twitter."

    Here is just one of the results that come up.

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinski. Now I have to get back to work for the American people.

    Oops, wrong scandal….

    Seems that Weiner was "following" maybe 100 or so people via Twitter, with a preponderance of these being young women less than half his age. Question: Why would a NY Congressman be "following," via social media, primarily young women, particularly one (the one to whom the lewd photo was sent) in Seattle, WA? Isn't this cyberstalking? Isn't that just as criminal as physical stalking? Isn't this sufficient reason for Congress to call for his resignation?

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