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    “Together we’ll change our country. And this time it’ll be for the better.”

    “Together we’ll change our country. And this time it’ll be for the better.”

    Tim Pawlenty released a web video tonight to preview his official announcement tomorrow that he’s running for President. 

    Seems pretty hard hitting and the right tone to me.  Me thinks this guy might have some fight in him.

    Last November I asked you to tell me about Tim Pawlenty.  So tell me again.

    Update 5-23-2011: On Rush today, Pawlenty stated that the “the era of small goverment is over” quote attributed to him is a misattribution, and that he was quoting a David Brooks article, not expressing his own opinion. He says that the day after the Minnesota Tribune ran the quote on page 1, it ran a correction buried deep in the paper. Fact check, anyone?

    Pawlenty was very good on Rush. If I can get a link, I’ll post it.

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    That would be the same CATO that gave Pawlenty an "A" grade for fiscal policy this last fall, right? No one is perfect, but instead of cherry picking one year, look at the WHOLE record.

    Pawlenty does not support Massachusetts style health care reform, and never has. He supported a Canadian drug import program, and proposed cuts to Minnesota Care, a state-subsidized health care program for anyone who has lived in the state for at least one year. Rejected many, many increases to the state's health care programs.

    Stood up to the teacher's unions, and other public unions. Got merit pay program through for teachers. Shut the government down rather than increase taxes. Supported a modest fee increase once on cigarettes. Has never been pro-choice, and has never made excuses about that either.

    Vetoed two increases to the minimum wage in MN in a fourteen month period in 2008. He did sign an increase in 2005, under threat of being overridden by a strongly democrat legislature.

    Yes, he supported ethanol and farm subsidies. In an agricultural state that is probably D+9. Shocking he might support something that his electorate wanted, I know. He has also supported gradually eliminating them.

    The Sharia compliant banking thing is untrue, and never has been, and has been repeated ad nauseum by those who haven't done the homework – that story was discredited. The truth is actually the opposite – there was a state program that helped subsidize mortgages to various groups in order to increase home ownership, including a sharia-law-based mortgage program among others. When he found out, he shut the program down.

    At least get the facts right instead of throwing out baseless accusations. This is how conservatives tear each other apart. No candidate is perfect – Pawlenty sure isn't – but let's at least get the record straight. I'll say it again – if you look at his record, and not the baseless rumors floating around out there, he is a solid conservative. More so than most, if not all, of the other candidates on our side, declared or not.

    He's currently my Last Man Standing candidate. I would vote for him over Romney in a primary. Mark Steyn likes him and that's a pretty good endorsement from my perspective. I think anyone with a fairly long record of executive experience is going to have to toughen up to meet the challenges that O has made so much worse and to expose O for the liar he is.

    What Leeatmg said, thank you. Can't add too much to what he wrote. Pawlenty seems to have pretty much thrived as a conservative while serving as governor of a liberal state, unlike Romney for example. Pawlenty, to me at least, comes across as a regular guy after having listened to him in several interviews. Just heard him blow away some of the above criticisms on Rush's show. There's no one that can meet the purist/zealot standards as exemplified in some of the above comments, except perhaps for Ron Paul. I do hope Pawlenty takes on a bit of a "Trump" edge as he takes on Obama. Show no fear. Also, he's a hockey player.

    Just heard Pawlenty say no more ethanol subsidies. In Iowa.

    Reliapundit | May 23, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    cheney 2012!

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