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    Stop Disrespecting My President

    Stop Disrespecting My President

    First it was Bibi Netanyahu stating that Israel will not go back to the 1967 borders.

    Now it is the Queen of England refusing to click glasses.

    Maybe she was upset that he had to read his toast from index cards, or maybe it was protocol.

    I don’t care.  He is my President, and I will not tolerate this.

    This is 2008, and we should have moved beyond this type of petty conduct long ago.

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    Liz is probably wondering if it would be a breach of protocol to conk the two of them over the head with that bust of Winston Churchill.

    It is just beyond comprehension how rudely Obama has treated the British since his coronation. What with the tacky gift to Gordon Brown that wasn't even compatible with British devices, to the returning of the statue, to getting under the Queen's crown last night, it wouldn't surprise me to find a British Man-of-War in Boston Harbor this weekend.

    Sure does lend credence to Dinesh D'Souza's book, doesn't it?

    Obama thinks he is above the rules ..any rules

    Where was his protocol advisor?

    He has consistently acted like a no nothing abroad

    TAR said,

    "He has consistently acted like a no nothing abroad".

    So in other words, he is just being himself.

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