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    So Tell Me About Newt

    So Tell Me About Newt

    (Originally posted on 5/12/11 but lost in the Big Blogger Blackout of 2011, brought back to life courtesy of the Restore Honor and Sanity (and missing Legal Insurrection posts) Project)(modified to remove video embeds).

    The interview on Hannity last night almost has me believing.

    Yes, I know, baggage. The name. But …. he does present well, acknowledges his imperfections, and would eviscerate Obama in a debate.

    But then again, there’s this (h/t).

    So tell me about Newt Gingrich.

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    In my blog, The Voice of Reason, I give my reasons for being a "Good-Bye, Newt" kind of guy.

    @gs at May 16, 2011 10:04 AM . . . Heh! A great cultural peek into an earlier era, demonstrating how willing the SNL crowd once were to openly poke fun at a Democrat President, as well as skewering Republicans.

    But it seems a bit unfair — at least I think so — to characterize Newt as an utter fool (or, as the other more literal meaning).

    An unabashed opportunist? Certainly. Even a politician who does some foolish things, or occasionally takes foolish positions? No question.

    But he is no fool in any generic sense. He's a smart guy, at least when he takes the time to think things through.

    However, I've always seen Newt as one of the breed of politicians who can occasionally be goaded into appearing just a little too smart by half.

    Maybe the professor in him is always tempted to delve into some esoteric nuance, thinking that he will somehow elevate his position on an issue to yet another, and loftier level that everyone will see.

    Whatever it is, Newt is clearly capable of trapping himself. And that he did, for example, on Meet the Press yesterday.

    Trochilus @ May 16, 2011 1:51 PM,

    1. Having acquired the word in question by osmosis from Jewish friends and coworkers, I understand it to be a very strong way of calling someone a jerk. Googling reveals support for my interpretation and for yours. Presumably usage varies by time, place, and circumstance. Nolo contendere.

    2. Given that Gingrich's handling of the Lewinsky scandal would have assured the election in 2000 of a politically competent sitting Vice President, IMHO the word also applies in the sense you use it.

    That's just my take. Others will disagree. I decline to rehash the Clinton impeachment.

    3. As an alternative characterization, I submit 'loose cannon'.

    @gs at May 16, 2011 4:54 PM . . . it truly is a wonderful thing about words that they can come to have, shall we say, overlapping (if not multiple) meanings, depending, as you noted on the "time, place, and circumstances" of the particular application in question.

    So, I suppose if we agree that there are at least three possible meanings, I'll just have to plead multifariousness in equity in response.


    Anyway, it looks like (as linked by Allahpundit at HotAir) Charles Krauthammer has, in the interim, pumped up the volume and pronounced sentence on Newt for a "capital" violation of the 11th Commandment!

    Oh, man . . . poor Newt is getting it from all angles, isn't he?

    Looks like you and I are the least of his troubles!

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