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    So Tell Me About Mitt Romney

    So Tell Me About Mitt Romney

    I’ve been dreading this day, because even when I asked you to tell me about other candidates, you told me about Mitt Romney.

    While the MSM tells us that Sarah Palin is the most divisive Republican, I don’t think that’s true in the Republican primaries.

    Please hold on one second while I brace myself.

    Okay, now I’m ready.

    So tell me about Mitt Romney.

    Update: For a reasoned argument against Romney and in favor of Pawlenty, read this. (via HotAir)

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    One last thing, and this may sound a little counter-intuitive, depending on your perspective: if you've been asking about other candidates all this time and people keep telling you about Mitt Romney, no matter what it is they're saying, then maybe that's a sign that Romney is the man. Food for thought.

    Romney is an opportunist, a big government/nanny state progressive, and an all-around sleazeball. If he did get elected and we lost Congress, he'd be full-on socialist communist in a heartbeat. No doubt in my mind.

    @Tim, omg, you're right. He is just like Obama in so very many ways (though he does seem to know how many states there are and what year it is).

    It is amazing to me how truly stupid people are… Oh wait…60 million people voted for Barrack Obama. Nothing should surprise me.

    Right now our economy is in the toilet and it is just beginning. Bad unemployment and spending is out of control. I see blatantly stupid comments regarding Mitt Romney that you would rather have 4 more years of Obama, it would be the same. Dont procreate you fools.

    In one term in office Mitt took a liberal state from 5oth to 11th in unemployment. The opposite is happening under Obama. In one term Mitt Romney balanced his budget by cutting 341 social programs which in laymans terms is downsizing that government.

    Romneycare. If he did not initiate it, did not write it and also vetoed it until by due process of law… had to sign it….how in the hell is it "RomneyCare"?

    I wonder how he was able to get all of this done in a 85% liberal legislature? Thats the miracle. Oh yeah he also had a billion dollar slush fund when he left office.

    You people makle ignorant statements because you are too balless yourselves to care about truth.

    gspencer- thats pretty slanderous. Slander is spreading lies. Just so you know. Here is an education instead of your ignorant statements.Do you understand Government due process? Governors are not kings. Well its obvious you do not. Here are some facts for you.

    Gay Marriage

    They claim Romney flipped on gay marriage. The fact is, Romney has consistently opposed gay marriage. When asked in 1994, Romney said(23): "I line up with Gov. Weld on that … he does not feel at this time that he wishes to extend legalized marriage on a same-sex basis, and I support his position". When asked again in 2002 if he supported gay marriage, Romney still answered "no"(24).

    Critics also point to Romney's disagreement with a proposed constitutional amendment concerning gay marriage, House Bill 4840, which was both proposed and shot down prior to Romney becoming governor. However, Romney's disagreement with the amendment was not over its clause which banned gay marriage, but over a separate clause, which Romney feared "would outlaw domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples"(25). The problem with the amendment is that it falsely implied that Massachusetts law itemized "benefits or incidents exclusive to marriage," which the amendment prohibits in non-marital relationships. Without itemization in the law, the prohibition was without limit.

    When gay marriage came before the MA Supreme Court, Romney fought against the decision which made gay marriage a right. As governor he had to enforce the ruling, which some have faulted him for doing, but critics do not apply that standard to other issues, for instance faulting Pro-Life governors for enabling abortions in their states because of court decisions legalizing abortion.

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