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    So Tell Me About Herman Cain

    So Tell Me About Herman Cain

    You know he is in for the treatment.  They reserve the worst for those who threaten their narratives the most. 

    Already the same writer who recently bashed Sarah Palin at The Atlantic has accused him of running “mildly racist” advertisements while CEO of Godfather’s Pizza (how long until we hear from a Democratic-leaning Italian-American group over the name of the company?).

    But this statement released today leads me to think this guy gets it, and will not play by the MSM game of gotcha on policy positions.  We need a leader, not the guy or gal who is best at memorizing the policy talking points book:

    Ever since the South Carolina Republican presidential debate, reporters have continued to challenge me for not having a specific plan for our nation’s involvement in Afghanistan. They continue to think that if you are running for president then you must have an answer for everything. I don’t! A real leader has the right questions for everything.

    When asked about what I would do about our involvement in the war in Afghanistan during the debate, I answered by asking the questions that should have been asked before we got involved many years ago. What is our mission? How does it serve our interest? Is there a path to victory? If not, then what is our exit strategy?

    I ask these questions instead of “shooting from the lip” because there is obviously a lot of classified information to which I do not have access. There are dozens of experts and military leaders I would need advice from before I could make an informed decision about a real clear plan for the USA’s involvement in Afghanistan. Similarly, a real clear strategy for every country with which we have relationships would be developed, regardless of whether or not we are involved in a military conflict.

    We have tried the alternative, a sweet-talking phony who manipulates sensitive issues and plays racial and class politics with reckless abandon, all the while shooting from the lip to provide the masses with their policy opiates.

    But I don’t know enough about him.  So tell me about Herman Cain.

    Update:  Jim Treacher:

    The more I listen to Herman Cain, the more I like him. Which I guess only counts if you think likability is a factor in electing a president. And, being of a mischievous mind, I can just imagine how he’d confound the race-obsessed left as an opponent. “Holy crap, what do we do? This guy is so black, he makes Obama look like Edgar Winter’s bloodless corpse half-buried in a snowbank. Begin Operation: Clarence Thomas!”

    Because that’s all they can see. They can’t fathom that people could actually be drawn to Cain by who he is and what he says, not which box he checks under “Race.” It might actually be about… oh, what was that thing called? Oh yeah: the content of his character.

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    Who did Herman Cain vote for as President in 2008? This should tell the tale.

    Thanks, Cyd, for being so clever you missed my entire point. Black, white, yellow, green, purple, whatever. That factor has absolutely no place in deciding who to vote for – or against. And to raise it here is to give up your claims, should you have them, to social decency and responsibility.

    You've identified what's important to you but in-so-doing you've shown readers of this post certain inner workings of your thought processes some people might find regretable. In my opinion, of course.

    FAIL on imputed biases, too. But you'd have to know more to understand that.

    Smug Cyd needs to stop imputing biases to others until Cyd's own prejudicial house is in order. When discussing character, or lack thereof, there is absolutely no need to quantify it with black, white, yellow, purple or whatever. To do is is to surrender the high ground before an adversary fires a single shot. IOW race discussion equals FAIL.

    49erDweet is a blast from the past, namely 1990s. This admonishment of non-PC viewpoints is not quaint, but quite irksome in light of what has transpired and is transpiring. Get off your high horse and do not lecture me as this is 2011 and we are witnessing events that have crystallized many people's viewpoint on racial politics. Stop watching CNN. Your way of thinking, though honestly hopeful 2 decades ago, has led to Affirmative Action run amok and to the Catastrophe in Chief that currently resides in the White House. This Presidency is a racial one, period. Want proof? Go ask the "The First Black President" and his overly ambitious wife just how they feel pandering to black voters their entire lives and what it got them when a black man ran against them.

    Your Forrest Gumpian way of thinking. – FAIL!

    Herman Cain is not perfect but no one is, if you are looking for the perfect candidate..good luck! Herman Cain speaks from the heart, stands up for what he believes in and He doesn't flip flop on issues. I wouldn't mind having him as my Commander in Chief. He may have a small history of working for the Feds but that doesn't disqualify him for running. he has a proven history of taking bankrupting Companies and turning them around and that is what we need right now. Cyd I respect your opinion but I think you are wrong about Cain, He is the only one that will stand a chance against anyone, Huckabee isn't going to run and a doubt Palin is either, Cain is a good mix between the two.

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