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    So Tell Me About Canada

    So Tell Me About Canada

    I don’t follow Canadian politics very much.  I don’t even have a “Canada” post tag, there’s no need to.  [insert obligatory Canada joke here]

    Conservatives in Canada apparently won a huge victory.  But “conservative” elsewhere does not always mean what it means here.

    So tell me about what happened in Canada.

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    The leader of the Liberal Party, who were an almost invincible machine that had dominated Canadian politics for decades, Michael Ignatieff, was a socialist-leaning Harvard prof who had been out of the country for 30 years, had absolutely NO experience in government or business, (sound familiar???) but thought he could parachute in, and with his superior Ivy League intellect and wisdom, tell Canadians how to fix themselves. He is the one who forced the election, and ended up losing his own seat in Quebec, and oversaw the implosion of his party. So, I guess it's back to Hah-vahrd for Iggy! (DLTDHOTWO!)

    The leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Jack Layton, is now the official Opposition. My feeling is that voting for the NDP was a protest vote against the Liberals. The last time the NDP won any type of meaningful number of seats was the 1990 Ontario provincial election, where Bob Rae won as Premier (almost as much of a surprise to him as it was to voters when everyone woke up on the day after election day – Wiki calls it a "shocking upset"– and it was!). Bob Rae's NDP win was also a backlash/protest vote against both the Conservatives and Liberals at the time. There was ALOT of voter anger at both of the main parties (Conservative/Liberal). His government was a disaster, and he did not win a second term, and the NDP was decimated.,_1990

    Likewise, I am not that worried about the NDP as the Opposition/Shadow cabinet, save for having to deal with Jack Layton's shameless mugging and posturing. A typical Marxist, he advocates shamelessly for class warfare and race-based divisive politics. Same old, same old as the Socialists/Marxists everywhere. His wife, Olivia Chow, now is an MP in her own right, representing the riding of Trinity-Spadina in Toronto, and is a complete loon. (Think Cindy Sheehan/Cynthia McKinney level of looniness).

    I had the misfortune of working with Jack Layton when he was still on city council around 1990 in Toronto on a number of "social justice" issues. In my opinion, he lacks any sense of personal ethics, and is only interested in achieving raw power and plums/patronage he can distribute to consolidate his power, over any gains/improvements for the taxpayer. (think Chicago-style politics).

    In summation:
    I predict Harper will now move towards continuing to lower the federal sales tax rate, federal corporate income tax rate, support more oil exploration and R&D;, move to work with the provinces to continue to reform the broken "universal payer" health care system, as well as keep an even hand on the Central Bank policy to keep inflation in check. (The Central Bank in Canada is owned by the people of Canada, unlike the Federal Reserve in the US, which is a privately held banking cartel).

    In sum, Harper's majority win is good for the US. It brings stability to the government in Canada (no more worries about a vote of non-confidence or prorogue of parliament because of political gamesmanship of the opposition parties), and Canada will continue to be a reliable energy exporter — something the US will come to rely upon even more if the ME craziness continues.

    Oh, and the Bloc Quebecois, who advocate for the separation of Quebec, were wiped off the electoral map. That tells me the younger generation are no longer interested in the divisive separatist/nationalist politics. That's a good thing.

    "Someone once did a contest here in Canada where you were supposed to complete the sentence 'As Canadian as…' as in 'As American as apple pie.' The winner completed it with 'As Canadian as possible under the circumstances.'"

    Margaret Atwood as quoted in the San Jose Mercury News page 6C, January 20, 1994.

    P.S. The version of the Most Boring Headline Ever contest winner that I heard is "Canadian Initiative Succeeds."

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